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  1. Happy Birthday micscave!

  2. Happy Birthday micscave!

  3. Happy Birthday micscave!

  4. Toshi straps are great, I have 3 and love them all. Richard is a good bloke and his straps are really nice quality. When you order, he gives you a delivery date (usually 3 weeks) & all 3 turned up on the specified day. I have a saddle leather on my PAM127 fiddy, cocoa on my PAM090 & vintage leather on my PAM270. I've also just bought a series 74 for the fiddy from C&B straps. Bloody great strap and really very cheap for a handmade one. His site is in Spanish but there's a google translate button. That one took about 12 days from ordering to receiving the strap. Also fully customisable.
  5. Welcome to the forums micscave :)

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