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  1. you have some explaining to do "mate" i suggest you reply to your pms and emails.
  2. Iv seen them sell on eBay quite frequetly
  3. Haah it's all good guys! Congrats on peeps who got theirs:) I just got an email from Andrews he said stocks are coming in slow. I paid on day 1 so I might have mine soon. Keep the pics coming in this is going to be epic!!
  4. i know when i paid. im sure you know when you paid as well, if not check paypal / wu history. andrew knows when i paid from the date the order number was generated
  5. well thats good for you. lets review, if you paid 100 days ago and i paid yesterday. it is NOT okay for me yo get the watch first and you wait another 100 days to get yours. ps: andrews emailed me saying he will go by who paid first, and not choose his favorites of the lott cz maybe thats not fair.
  6. andrews completely denies he shipped any watch. if he did then he is a lier. if he did lie, the guy has zero business ethics. i dont think he should have the option of choosing his favorites nor randomly choosing anyone. he should go by who paid first.
  7. Why would you want to pay $100 for two guys doing it on a torpedo on your watch
  8. Welcome to the forums shaidx :)

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