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  1. lelloarena

    serviced Rolex 1970's 6263 Daytona

    cartel case, vietnam dial with gen crown, vitnam bezel, maybe alpha hands...??? looks stunning!
  2. lelloarena

    Classic DW Daytona enhanced

    stunning as usual!
  3. hi, if you still have the pictures, try to upload them directly on a post...should be possible
  4. lelloarena

    new source for vintage rolex dials???

    Hi guys, ruby said me the same thing, was on a long trip... I'm tempted to buy a dial, but I'm not sure if its safe. There is a web site or can you share the contact info of Dung's Dials? Thanks!
  5. really cool post, it is possible re-upload the pictures?
  6. Welcome to the forums lelloarena :)