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  1. Hi

    i tried to place an order on your website but PayPal is not working . .?

    any info welcome




  2. Good to know .! thanks . Any idea where to find these parts then ?? cheers
  3. Hi guysI recently bought a very nice DRSD on M2M .unfortunately as many of these models , she's got the loose bezel issue ...I know some fixes exists ..Yuki's bezel assembly is Out of Stock at the moment .. shame .I found this on Ebay : http://www.ebay.fr/i...cQAAOxyg6BR02Qs and this : http://www.ebay.fr/i...uRfpNaUP7hnnUPAJust wondering if it could fit my DRSD with this , even without a GEN bezel ??waiting for the DRSD experts to chime in !!Cheers GuysSpeedbird72PS her is the link of the watch I bought : http://www.rwg.bz/board/index.php?showtopic=108467&st=0&p=1712746&#entry1712
  4. Hi guys I have been looking for this specific watch for a while ...unsuccessful .model is not avail according to puretime http://www.pure-time...er-strap-a2836/ I know it is a fantasy model but I love it . Anyone selling one or know where to find one ..? It is not listed in other TD's apparently Help please !! Cheers
  5. In my case , WIz had stopped taking matches after his injury . when I contacted him again ( early april ) , hé told me, hé had cleared most of the backlog and was happy to take the work ... I fully agree with you Panerai153 , but i did not force him to take the work ... it would have been easy for him to stop the incoming matches by saiying : NO ! He did not and even told me the turnaround time was roughly 1 month ... Again , I am perfectly happy to wait , no rush , i accept the rules , but then , hé should not announce unrealistic turnaround times ... the worrying part i
  6. Hi WIz was a well established modder on the forums , based in France . was trusted modder on most forums but sadly lost members confidence ... I am just another name on the list ... sad ...
  7. Thanks for your message . Did you pay him in advance ? cheers
  8. Hi guys I would like to share my " Wiz experience" with you . I sent him 3 watches early April for servicing and also repair on one of them .. His communication was all very good at the early stage but suddenly became erratic and worrying ... from the 13th of May , he stopped replying . After many attempts , including phone calls , communication has been restored but again ,but , since the 26th of june and 2 " gentle reminders" via mail , he stooped replying . I do not believe I will see my watches again ... He keeps telling me bulls**t when he replies ... It is not a
  9. yeepee it finally got through customs . Charges to pay . the package is off for delivery
  10. thanks dude must be unlucky then .... I WANT MY F***** WATCH !!!!
  11. True . but it is the first time it takes so long ... and I heard in different forums that UK customs make it more and more difficult to get through ... grrrrrrrr !!!
  12. HI there I have a package stuck at customs since the 29th of august . status says : Awaiting custom clearance . Should I start to worry ? apparently UK customs are really slow these days ... or just paying more attention ... any similar experience so far ? cheers speedbird72
  13. HI Which Aquaracer model have you got ?? cheers
  14. hi Got exactly the same problem . Bottom pusher gone including the spring . seems to be a weakness on these replicas then ... I would be interested as well in getting a replacement part ( if any ) cheers
  15. Welcome to the forums speedbird72 :)

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