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  1. Hi , do you still have the 6239 Daytona ? 

    Please let me know , thx

  2. wofuer911


    Never heard from Athaya , have you pictures or other infos ?
  3. wofuer911


    I have seen the dial , but its far away from Ivan and MQ. For me both are top and the best I have seen.
  4. wofuer911


    Hi guys, on Phongs homepage you find out the price for the 5510 case, crystal, tube, crown, caseback 1450$ ( when I look at the pictures it includes also bezel and insert ) I still have the 1530 , now the question is how much should I invest for the dial ? (and hands) Please let me know your ideas. I think it is possible not to go over 3000$ for all . So Ivans dial is a oportunity, maybe MQ. thanks for your input.
  5. wofuer911


    Okay, what do you think should I do whit my 1530 ? Other projekt , or other parts to build a 5510 ? Thank you all for your input !
  6. wofuer911


    Wow ! Thank you, so what do you think about my plan ? 1530 ( I still have one in good condition ) Phong case Ivan dial (if it is possible ) or MQ T 17 8mm crown bezel, insert , hands any idea ? Is there a member in this forum who sells these parts in the EU ? ( bec. of our customs ) Thanks to all of you !
  7. wofuer911


    Thank you guys , MQ dial looks good for me , have you photos from Ivan to compare the dials ?
  8. wofuer911


    Hi, I have only a 1530 movement ant want to built a 5510 Sub. ( should be perfekt ) What do you think where I can buy all components I need ( case, dial , hands...) ? I looked for a Yuki case, dial ND Traiding or is Ivan the best ? How can I contact him ? What are your ideas ? Thank you!
  9. Welcome to the forums wofuer911 :)

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