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  1. Hi guys, do those look OK? I think the part of the strap where the small screws fit look like They have been tightened too much? As in the strap looks broken... hoping for opinions on this. best regards
  2. Oh well, watch has been ordered, looking forward to receiving it now!
  3. Hi guys, Just spottede this beauty, and was wondering if anyone can tell if its any good? Pros, cons etc etc. If not, which one should I get instead? I'm kind of hooked on this model... http://www.intime.co/audemars-piguet/2271-royal-oak-offshore-diver-1-1-v8-jf-best-edition-on-rubber-strap-a3120.html Thanks guys :-)
  4. Thanks a lot guys. Probably gonna go with the asian one then :-) TP
  5. Hi guys, Just stumbled across this AP: http://www.intime.co/audemars-piguet/1627-royal-oak-offshore-diver-swiss-eta2824-v7-.html Would seriously appreciate some expert opinion/evalution on this piece. Is it worth the money? Kinda like the fact that the movement is the ETA and not the asian one. TP
  6. Does anyone have a link to where I can find this watch? Thanks guys.
  7. Hi guys, I'm currently considering a Sub from BK, just wondering about the bracelets on BK's subs. Are they a "weak point", or are they just as good as the rest of the watches? I'm thinking weight, how the material feels etc etc. They look just like gen's, but i haven't had the opportunity to actually see his watches in real life yet. Hoping for some answers/advice
  8. Hi everyone! Does anyone have any advice on which sellers have the highest quality Audemars Reps?(Royal Oak Offshore specifically) I'm having a hard time figuring out which models/seller I should go for! I'd appreciate some help!
  9. hi guys, where can I buy this crazy rep? I'm new on this forum, and i'm getting the impression that the really good reps, aren't coming from the different rep. watch sites, but from some of you guys on this forum
  10. Welcome to the forums Hublotfan91 :)

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