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  1. hey fellas, i need about 2-3 SS 15400 bracelet links here in the CONUS.. I'm willing to pay so if you have or know anyone who does, please let me know, thanks!
  2. Hey fellas, long time member on RG/RWI.. Have really only been a browser over here.. I'm sure some guys here can vouch for me as well.. Posting this on all the forums.. I have just recently acquired a very nice wm9 v3 with a TC maxi dial and i'm looking for a Gen or wm9 insert for it.. If you have a spare one please don't hesitate to PM me.. I appreciate you taking the time to look.. Thanks guys! -Chuck
  3. I have always had my pics tagged with my old lady's ta ta's.... Well now, I've made an instagram account of it! Follow me @watch_pix https://i.groupme.com/720x960.jpeg.b6f0dc80fcdd0131275a22000b3103f1 If you want to see more, make sure to follow @watch_pix Thanks for looking fellas!
  4. Happy Birthday Criegg!

  5. Happy Birthday Criegg!

  6. Welcome to the forums Criegg :)

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