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  1. Thanks man, I did put a link to the one I was eyeing in the post. Your saying I should embed pics instead? I'll probably choose one closer to christmas if do. But that one caught my eye.
  2. I've been looking at this watch on their site, looks really nice. I like the lume on the ceramic bezel, the shape of the hands. I feel this watch is slightly breaking away from their 'straight out homage' stuff, to looking a little unique, correct if I'm wrong? Other than taking styling queues from Rolex.
  3. I've been looking to buy my Dad a nice vintage Omega for a while. I was looking on ebay and was surprised at some of the prices. This one caught my eye, but am I going to get a decent vintage Omega for under $500 on ebay. Or are there heaps of scams/reps? http://www.ebay.com/itm/MENS-OMEGA-Geneve-18KGP-ST-STEEL-AUTOMATIC-BLACK-DIAL-ROUND-C-1012-/272007512494?hash=item3f54e941ae My dad likes watches and doesn't mind reps, he was looking at a few years ago on a family holiday. But I would rather get him a vintage gen first, then a rep of a nice new model later.
  4. I took the plunge and ordered the black one, same as the rep I have. When it comes in a week or so. I'll post a side by side comparison. I got it for around 65 GBP on sale, about the same as I paid for the rep+shipping! So all in all I'm quite happy, I have a nice 'Rock watch' to wear to Heavy Metal and punk gigs now. Not like I'm going to wear a vintage Omega to a Iron Maiden concert….
  5. Yes most of them look awful, especially the gemstone one with the red leather band posted in the first post pics. I just really like the skull ones. The all black Chrono one with the carbon fiber someone else mentioned looks OK too. The rest, nah.
  6. OK just seen Watchismo has a 75% off sale on. i am going to pick up a real one of these and compare. but I can't decide on white on black like I have or a new one white on black. Or even on of the other colours. Sale is one week only, so needs to be a quick decision! Any thoughts guys. This will be the start of my rep vs gen journey ha ha….
  7. Happy Birthday magicpimp!

  8. Well I mainly got them for photoshoots. Which is why I got one of each style, wayfarer, club master, aviator. I have spent about about 150 GBP on a real pair of sunglasses they weren't a 'name brand' but i think they were pilots glasses. The summer looked sharp and beautiful through them. But I broke them that same summer and cursed spending so much on them. While in Australia I had a real pair of Oakleys that had interchangeable lenses, different filters! They were great, lost them when I moved house. Then wore cheap $10-$20 pairs (always polarised & UV400) for the last few years, different one each month. I lost/broke them constantly doing this kind of stuff… Yes thats me and my friends, filmed in Aus desert after a rain. A video we did made the dailymail.co.uk! worldwide baby! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEnd6NVx74Y I am very interested if the RayBans I can get are UV protected. I know of one source for the wayfarer style that is polarised. I will be willing to send a pair to the gent with the testing equipment, see if the rest are UV400. Here's two quick pics of the clubmaster model. As you can see, they're pretty much exact! The hinges have 5 interlacing bits and run inside the full frame/arms like the originals. Heavy, well made and glass lenses. That being said, if I can real RB's for $89! I would definitely got that way. Here in the UK RayBans go for 100-200 GBP in shops.
  9. I received one pair today the club master style. Still waiting for the other 2, will post pictures later.
  10. I actually have some extremely good replica ray bans coming in soon. I had a pair of these exactly like the old school wayfarers that Bob Dylan used to wear, but I smashed the lens on the right side when I was being being stupid and they fell off and I stood on them. This showed the had glass lenses, and the seller said they had UV400 protection. I got one of each style this time, wayfarer, aviator and club master. They are literally exact, I took them into a Rayban shop and asked if they had this style in stock as wanted to get my brother a matching pair (old school wayfarer, not the new smaller 'smoothed down' wayfarer 2) and she said they were sold out and were ordering more. These reps had the true metal hinge etc. Reading this has me thinking about eye safety still! But as mentioned even cheap $10-$20 sunnies have UV and usually polarisation as well. These reps had green glass lenses. It's easy to check if lenses are polarised, but I guess not UV protection? Unless photo sensitive paper or something?
  11. I got a very scary and official looking webpage telling me pirate bay and KAT were blocked by orders of the high court. I am sure many of you have seen or know this. It seems designed to scare and looks like a court document. I know there are proxies and such and didn't pay much attention to it. Later on read all the sites blocked and by who, at very bottom of the list I saw this. Cartier International AG Montblanc-Simplo GMBH Richemont International S.A. http://www.cartierlove2u.net http://www.iwcwatchtop.org http://replicawatchesiwc.com http://www.1iwc.us http://www.montblancpensonlineuk.com http://www.montblancoutletonline.co.uk Do you think a big crackdown is coming to the replica market? Especially as replicas seem to be getting so spot on these days?
  12. Good to know there is a London based craftsman! I have been eyeing up a few watches, but held off because I definitely wanted finishing or mods done.
  13. Three things to think about. 1. On TD sites there are multiple HQ pics from all angles and details about the watch. On this aliexpress guy, two pics and no real details. It takes money run a website and man hours to take all the pics etc. Aliexpress/ebay/dhgate are free/cheap. 2. My brother runs a few market stalls selling electronics. High street shops gouge us just as much, I've been with him to buy stock from wholesalers. $1 iPhones leads being sold for $15 in shops, he sells them at $5. Even iPad mins etc. he got them brand new in box for about $200, shops sell them at $400 or more. But with the cables/leads/cases there is more than one factory or more than one quality. 3. You usually get what you pay for. There is more than one people making things of the same type, also there are 'off stock'. When I was in Turkey last year I saw many fake watches of many many different qualities. Some of the smaller stands had watches that were a bit 'off' the dial was slightly mis printed, something was rough or misaligned. The factory probably unloads the cheaply to a different supplier than their main guy. If you don't want don't buy, but also buyer beware and shop smart.
  14. I don't have it anymore but this phone was the bomb. I actually looking to get one again, as a second phone. The battery lasted 3 days with minimum use. Also I still had this phone until a few years ago when I moved to Australia.
  15. I hear coke is good keeper upper….. But mix it with ice and you could be in trouble.
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