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  1. Some poor soul has just been saved an embarrassing mistake! Been a while since i've seen such a blatant rep on the bay
  2. Previously posted by another member, but with a broken link, so wanted to make sure peeps were aware.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Omega-Seamaster-Planet-Ocean-007-Limited-Edition-Quantum-of-Solace-45-5mm/261384272782?_trksid=p2045573.c100034.m2102&_trkparms=aid%3D555012%26algo%3DPW.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140107092241%26meid%3D4463834282763400533%26pid%3D100034%26prg%3D20140107092241%26rk%3D0%26rkt%3D4%26sd%3D181312722888 Judge for yourself... but there are at least 11 people out there who want it?! up to £797.00 already
  3. that link goes to a vintage Omega on e-bay, but i think I came across the same one this afternoon, almost laughable in so many ways, but its up to £797.00!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Omega-Seamaster-Planet-Ocean-007-Limited-Edition-Quantum-of-Solace-45-5mm/261384272782?_trksid=p2045573.c100034.m2102&_trkparms=aid%3D555012%26algo%3DPW.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140107092241%26meid%3D4463834282763400533%26pid%3D100034%26prg%3D20140107092241%26rk%3D0%26rkt%3D4%26sd%3D181312722888 Someones going to get a nasty shock if they win it...
  4. I would be surprised if the 2 case were different, i don't see any reason why they would be... but this is china manufacturing we are talking about, no guarantee that 2 things come out the same.. But it should just be the dial/movement spacer that need be correct to suit the new movement, i understand that the gen dial locating lugs may need to be removed as they do not match with some movements(unless gen also) I'm just stockpiling the required parts now, as i have spoken with someone who has experience with franken PO's and they are happy to carry out the work. So my main issue now is which movement to get, and from where....
  5. Thats a real beaut mate! Shame i wasnt the one that bought it from you!! Ive heard the LMPO case is v good, but also that the V5 is a good base for a franken The gen dial and hands really pop out, that crystal is very good! The only thing that has disappointed me about the V5 so far, is that the Crystal AR seems to scratch very easily, only noticeable at certain angles in the right light, and will obviously be solved with a gen or Sunnys crystal.. A comment has been made on one of the other forums in response to my post, that the actual cases might different from the V5 4813(that i have) to the V5 2824, and that this may cause me problems... Can anyone confirm?..
  6. What i'm looking for is reliability, as it is not an open caseback, it does not have to look gen. Quite a price difference between the 2 movements... is it worth going the extra for the 2892?..
  7. Hi All, Am now getting around to seriously looking at this Franken project. Im looking for advice as i want to build something a bit special if i can, but just want to make sure I don't make any silly mistakes along the way! Ive done a fair bit of research on the forums, so have a good idea of the parts i need, but need some advice on the below points if anyone can help me?... I purchased a V5 42mm PO with black bezel w/ white numbers, and am very happy with it as a rep, and understand it to be one of the best cases/cases for a good franken(except for the dummy He valve). As i have brought the cheapest movement, the Asian 4813, from my research on here it seems that its too much of a ball ache to fit gen dial and hands to this movement, so i want to get a new gen swiss movement that i can fit all the gen parts to, and then install this into the rep case. So, firstly, what movement would be the best to use for this, i have read that 2824-2 is a good reliable movement that will accept the gen stuff. Can anyone confirm this would be the best way to go? And if so, where would you recommend to get the movement from? I can pick a gen swiss up off e-bay, and dont mind spending a bit on the movement, as i want something thats going to be a reliable. If not the 2824-2 movement, then what movement would you suggest? And from where?.. The full list for the Franken is below: Gen Swiss movement(model TBC...) Gen Dial Gen Hands Gen Crown & Tube Sunny Crystal Eventually a gen bezel, although the bezel and pearl on mine are very good So really i just need to confirm which movement is the best to use as the base. I would also be interested in knowing if anyone out there knows of anyone in the EU(UK preferably) that could help me with the build, its something i could tackle myself, but i think for the best results, it would be better being done by someone who has done similar previously.... Appreciate any input guys, really keen to get this project started Merry Christmas to all forum members
  8. Love these! Like many, i was hooked on Omega from the Goldeneye days, and have been looking for the 'right' price Gen, or top quality rep of the earlier models for some time! My favourite has to be the later, co-axial model, with the Silver Omega Logo and Red 'seamaster' writing(DC wore in Casino Royale) but finding a good rep of those is virtually impossible now! IMO these are a lot better looking than the new Ceramic SMP's, not sure what it is, but the Brosnan & Craig Seamasters just look much nicer to me Nice collection youve got there mate, let me know if you ever think about letting either of them go to new homes!...
  9. Happy Birthday Gamma!

  10. Received it on Friday, and its a real beaut!! I will start a new thread with some pics before the project begins! I can understand what everyone was saying about the bracelet now! A real pain to re-size, but got it done. There are some very minor flaws that i have noticed now ive got it, such as very tiny lume spill on the hour markers, but barely noticeable unless you are looking for it. The gap on the side of the datewheel is an odd one. Its definitely there, but was magnified in the QC pics way more than it actually looks when its on the wrist, so not a massive problem. Otherwise, i am chuffed with it, just got to part with some more cash now to begin the project! I think stage 1 will be the below: Sunny Crystal Gen Dial, Hands and Datewheel(although ive heard its not a straightforward to fit these to a 4813 movement, anyone any experience? Gen Crown and Tube Gen He Valve - Shame its a complete dummy on this model, again, anyone with any experience of this mod would be greatly appreciated. I will start a thread for this project in the next few days, so will copy the new thread link here so you can see the pictures
  11. Received my V5 from Trevor on Friday, its a beaut, couple of minor issues(such as the bracelet, what a pain in the [censored] that was!), but these are really great pieces now. will put some pics up in a new thread over the next few days before the Franken project begins! initially, i think i will be doing the below: Sunny Crystal Gen Dial and hands.. and datewheel(although ive heard somewhere that its not straight forward to fit these to a 4813 movement, anyone confirm?.. Gen Crown and tube Gen He Valve(shame that these are a dummy on this model) anyone had any experience fitting a gen to a V5?.. So any experience anyone has of the above mods would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Cheers Axxel, i think that has decided it for me.. Ive just ordered a V5 PO from Trevor to start a franken project, but funds allowing, im going to have to get me one of these too! Do Trevor and the Puretime guys get this model from the same factory does anyone know?..
  13. Ive just asked Trevor to select another one, or fix the dial positioning and re-send, as the pearl looks spot on!(guaranteed that if he chooses a different one, the pearl will be off!) Its going to form the base of a franken project, so everything will be changed out in time, but thats not the point..
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