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  1. cool watch. thanks for sharing.
  2. edigital

    Fake Swiss ETA?

    Thanks guys. Very informative. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. edigital

    Pam288 here the strap sizing schema

    Looks good and for that price a real bargain. Would be interested to know if the strap quality is as good as it looks, might be tempted to order some myself.
  4. Have to agree. Not a super rep but for that price point it came with a box, etc so still worth the price.
  5. edigital

    AP Caseback - 2014 Watches

    Just what I was looking for. Thanks!
  6. edigital

    AP Caseback - 2014 Watches

    yeah, also hoping 2015 will bring more APs with movement decorations.
  7. I actually got inspired when you showed me your collection of APs. Been researching APs but too bad there isn't an equivalent of the PAM guide for APs so slow going at the moment. Partial to maybe a Panda or rubberclad at the moment but will likely wait to see which ones I will pick up from the new batch to be released next year.
  8. The red is just the right shade for that watch - a bit of understated bling to break the monotony of black and does a good job to accent the red hands in the sub dials.
  9. It's interesting....... in a good way. Any chance of a wrist shot to see how the final combo looks?
  10. edigital

    Trying to choose a 45mm PO

    If the transparent caseback will be an issue for the OP, then I guess the fallback would be to get the older models of the PO which have the closed caseback. The old UPO version comes to mind and I am sure that might be others that more knowledgable members can share.
  11. edigital

    Highest quality repped IWC?

    Mark XVII has quite a few versions - the 2892 version is supposed to be the best? The2892 dial and build quailty is better than the miyota versions?
  12. JF strap does look a bit more like real leather from the pics.
  13. Nice job! Cant really tell its been restiched
  14. edigital

    Scammed? Bought a gen 3717 dial

    beautiful work. care to give a bit more details on how the mods were done?
  15. lots of pics now on the Zfac version. Would love to see the KW version for a comparsion of which is better.