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  1. An opinion and preference and yes the Noob CrPO second to none also, well said
  2. Having just said that, Boycie has just sold one on RWG with what looks like a perfect bezel. Bought from Josh, it says. Have a look, if they can get them like that I would be interested too!
  3. The bezel engraving is skewed. The numbers 8 and 10 on the bezel are closer to the crystal than the 20 and 22. It's a great shame as this is a great rep. I have the black version with orange numbers, it's my favourite rep because of it's accuracy With help from HAL 9000
  4. Careful! The 9300 rep is a mile out on the subdial at 3 With help from HAL 9000 Go for it! With help from HAL 9000
  5. Thankyou Kernow With help from HAL 9000
  6. Just received my blue ceramic SMP 300 from Ryan. As is usual with Ryan a flawless transaction and delivered in quick time. Thank you Ryan and Jordan. I had read some reviews about this piece and the black version and was beginning to worry about my decision to go for it. I shouldn't have worried, this is a fantastic piece. The overall quality is superb, the crown is tight and screws in and out without problems. The bracelet is well made with screws instead of push pins and feels very gen-like with the clasp functioning as it should. The dial is superb, all fonts look accurate and the dial itself is beautiful and shiny like the real thing. The date window has a silver surround and the numbers on the date wheel are in silver and raised giving a real quality look. The sapphire crystal is the clearest I have seen on a rep and looks no different to the gen. And so to the bezel. As usual it is misaligned with the insert but not by much. The bezel insert itself was the thing I was most worried about hearing all sorts of stories and reports. To be honest I was wondering how much a real insert would be!!! Yes it is engraved, but not deeply. Yes the numbers on mine are a greyish white not the silver of the gen. The bezel pearl is centred ( well done BP, never thought I would write that). The insert itself is polished to a high shine and I prefer it to the gen. I'm going to have to tell you that this piece is stunning, the photos from my phone don't do it justice. Maybe it's a V2, I just don't know, all I do know is that if you were unsure about getting this rep, don't worry it is first class. With help from HAL 9000 With help from HAL 9000
  7. Very nice, you'll need a chain and waistcoat!
  8. Welcome to the forums Mcloughlind :)

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