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  1. I like the BLT too Tempus fugit, utere.
  2. Me a watch collector honey ? Who do you take me for ! [emoji23][emoji23] Tempus fugit, utere.
  3. Modded ROO Lebron James

    This is quite impressive ! Beautiful result ! Congratulations ! Tempus fugit, utere.
  4. AP Picture thread

    Tempus fugit, utere.
  5. Opinions on 'Gold' AP durability

    Plating holds well, in my opinion. It depends as other user said if you wear the watch frequently if you sweat a lot or not and many different things affect the plating. But if you take care of your watch it should last long ! Tempus fugit, utere.
  6. Happy Birthday H3RACL3S!

  7. SevenFriday P1-1

    Very nice rep ! Tempus fugit, utere.
  8. I like it ! But i don't know how it would feel in rep, i mean i've seen the gen the dial looks way darkzer in real here on the rep it looks like the colour is not right ! Good thing about this watch it's that it's smaller and a bit different from a sub ! Tempus fugit, utere.
  9. LMPO QC Pics - Help!

    Macro shot and light used for QC pics underlines way more details, when you'll have the watch in hand you won't notice thos e details that much ! Just my opinion I would take it the 12 looks clean and the markers are not that bad ! But it's your money so you have to be happy with what you've bought ! Ask another one if you don't feel like keeping this one Tempus fugit, utere.
  10. Moving internationally with reps?

    I live in France and damn i know how hard it is.... I travel a lot and the only thing i can say is never a rep on my wrist when i travel... Risks are too big if seized in some countries such as France... And custom are a real pain, even with a gen they are sometimes very annoying my dad owns a Breitling Gen he travels like 4-5 times a month on long trips like France-china or France-Indonesia mostly asia and he gets asked for the certificate of authenticity almost once every three month.... This is only a personnal opinion ! Tempus fugit, utere.
  11. Congrats ! Happy that everything works now ! Enjoy your new timepiece
  12. Rolex Stealth Rep

    I've seen a M2M sale of this one ! It was the first rep that i wanted to buy ! It's original but not gen like, if i remember well the watch runs on A2824 it can be a nice summer watch to put on different nato strap coloured or not If you like it, go for it !
  13. fast delivery watch

    To be sure that it comes in time i would've bought a M2M watch
  14. This stuff is like an addictive drug...

    It goes quick ! Try to stop a bit to enjoy the watches ! I love the GMT II Pro Hunter batman bezel and dark blue nato sick piece ! Great collection !! Envoyé de mon iPad à l'aide de Tapatalk