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  1. Happy Birthday aligborat69!

  2. There are high end reps but not openly available, more like dealers who visit you. Way more expensive than the TD prices, probably because they buy from TDs then add your markup. I know of a guy who has a large watch briefcase who sells even to footballers, sometimes they are frankens, often just too end TD watches. Camden market USED to have lower quality reps years ago, not sure if still does. Apparently Petticoat Lane market is possible to find rolex, not openly, you need to approach some jewelry dealers. Wembley Sunday market also has them - again with a little asking around. I ha
  3. Big Pilot 5004 on brown croc strap has had women flock to me to admire it. Also my PAM388 on honey croc strap. This is on vacation and in London. Maybe they just love croc? :-)
  4. Welcome to the forums aligborat69 :)

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