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  1. New favorite of mine that get used alot lately, omega seamaster edizione venezia. Here on a nylonstrap.
  2. Can't really say for sure what he did on it, sorry about that. But as @Yllekp wrote and you can see if you compare the yuki bracelet with mine, the heads of of the rivets is flatter on mine compared with the yuki one, so they are flatten.
  3. @Yllekp You are absolutely right that he is an Craft Master and the sharing part
  4. Here is a couple of pictures of a reworked yuki rivet bracelet Mounted on the bracelet is a gen clasp cover and the yuki cover is the one beside it. Can't say for sure if the yuki clasp cover is of the better and newer batch but as it was bought quite recently it might be. As @Yllekp wrote and you can see in one of the picture, using an gen clasp cover on it makes a huge difference, it's not only the coronet that differ on the clasp cover between the gen and the yuki one but the total form and shape of the clasp cover is much better. I can take no credit for this work on this bracelet as it was done by someone else, just showing the difference as it could be of interest.
  5. Why not a couple of shots of an GMT in here also
  6. Thank you for the welcome @Sogeha It don't bother me that it might be as you wrote "lively and boisterous" on RWI, if you're not interested in that part you learn to avoid it and become a part of what interest you instead. And have already seen some familiar faces from RWI on here so it almost feels like "home" here to. Sourcing of the Vietnam parts was made by tripdog, so don't know from where or who he got it, other than it was from a seller in Vietnam.
  7. As the title said, thought that it was time to write a few words on here and introduce me as I have been an registred member for some time. Have mostly hanged out on RWI, but I feel that I want to be part of this community more from now. When I started to search for info for the latest build that I had done for me by tripdog over at RWI, I saw how much knowledge there was on vintage rolex on here. It got me reading, so I just thought it's time to start writing also. Here is a couple of picture of the 6542 that I got built for me by tripdog just recently. The parts in this build is Vietnam case/bezel/insert and dial, crown and plexi is rolex parts and the bracelet is an yuki one with gen rolex clasp. As for the movement it's an ETA 2893-2. Here is another build that was put together for me by slaughterer for some time ago. It's an mix of different rep factory parts put into one build. The base is an v6f with an Hfac dial on it and ETA 2836 movement inside. The crystal and the cyclops is from prof and there has been done alot of finishing details on it by slaughterer.
  8. Welcome to the forums w0rn :)

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