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  1. Scam site - www.hellorolex.info. listing asian clone movements as Swiss

    I don't deal with them, I am just letting people here know. I have dealer and ill never buy from someone else.
  2. This site claims to use Swiss movements, I found this suspicious given there prices were impossibly cheap. I confronted them in there chat and they even admitted they are clone movements. Yet they list it with tittles like " Swiss 7750 Valjoux "
  3. How to report an EBay scam

    Ebay will only close a listing down if the authorized dealer contacts them, because then they have a legal obligation to. Otherwise they would rather collect the seller fees.
  4. scam site - perfectwatches.cn

    I have never ordered a watch from them, I just want to point out there very over priced and poorly constructed watches. I didn't go through a lot of models, but looking at there daytonas really made me laugh. They are either all engraved with " Winner Rolex 24 " on the back, this engraving is found on the cheapest Daytona models. If not this they have the old green hologram that rolex stopped using since 2007. Asides this, there description and pictures are horrible, all they say is stainless steel, cheap engravings, and they are only water resistant. Absolutely ridiculous, who is going to pay $1000 for a so called swiss eta with no picture, that isn't waterproof at all lol. Haha even there steel models say 18k on them, nice.
  5. https://www.solidswiss.cd

    I ordered from there other site bestreplica.sr! There whole site is a complete lie! only thing that was made in Switzerland was the 2836 movement, the watch itself was poor quality overall not worth more then $500. There 14 day money back is [censored] they refused to give me a refund and I had to dispute it, won of course though
  6. Best Replica?

    Don't bother getting a rep from them I did a long time ago, and its not better quality then what I can get for $500! There was still a swiss eta 2836 movement in it, but if wasn't even engraved to match a gen. And all the engravings on the watch were laser etched, absolutely no real engrave, and probably because there gold plating is super cheap and thin. And they have 3 websites! solidswiss.cd, and swisstime.sr. All run by the same people, they definitely use gen pics too. Definitely stay away from them, lucky for me I actually wanted a refund because I was not happy with the daydate I got and they refused a refund. Disputed it with my credit card company and got a full refund, and I kept the watch and made $600 from selling on craigslist, that's what they get for all there lies haha