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  1. My 007 dupont always gets compliments.
  2. I understood it was also proved that bezel insert is not ceramic like noob.
  3. How many times did you wind it. Tt will give you the standard 1st piece of advice, Give it a knock, a little harder then you think. Up to you if u try it.
  4. OMG, ive just drooled over my keyboard
  5. You sir, are a legend. $$$ burning in my hands to give to you!
  6. Ive had ri do this 3 times in the last couple if years (once with josh, one with andrew) Each time its been 8-10 weeks
  7. crystal height and spacing of text the main complaints (looks worse in macro shots then real life i suspect) so far, . I am still confused whether one of the customer big crown crystals will fit this model. As apparently if it does it should save you shaving down the crystal gasket as its ever so slightly thinner then the rep crystal. Can anyone confirm? It seems the black dial steel case is the way to go, that was until I saw the new pvd version prohunter version and saw that the spacing of the bottom line of text has been fixed, and was about to pull the trigger and then when comparing to the website, they made a stupid mistake by putting PRO-HUNTER rather then PROHUNTER A prohunter with the everest strap ( http://everestbands.com/shop/submariner-ceramic-everest-band-black/ ) would look really cool - and who would ever have seen the original duo to call you out.
  8. I wonder if sunnydales crystals will fit
  9. Long out if stock, and were talking by years. The only way these will come back round is if another factory decides to reissue.
  10. no, it says that until he puts price up, which should be tomorrow.
  11. stay well away from the many shoe store/watch repair places around town. Most will turn it away and look there nose up, but there are a few backstreet places, that will help but will say that there is no warranty and if they break something else trying to fix it, its your problem. There are a few watch places located in the underground stations, but there skill set is limitedt to changing straps, batteries. Some people have used a guy in picadily circus station, but there are as many bad reports as good. There is a member called Smidsy, not sure which forum who has a good rep. other options are sending to france or gernany where you have Domi and Wiz. I needed a tx crystal put in a v6 hub this week, went around town, with no joy then i remembered that the debenams store has a watch repair place on oxford street, they dont do auto movements, but he gave me a look, took my watch and fitted the crystal, came back and said as he cant warrant the work, he wont charge me, result! There is also a watch repair place near farringdon on top of a sweet shop that do work for the many jewellers in town and work on omega's etc, depending on who you talk to they may or may not help.
  12. I still wish they would go back to offering the seconds at 9 dial from a few years back. At least it avoids the seconds at 6 jerkyness
  13. http://etatw2011.com/Product_Show.asp?ID=7911 Eta also just posted a new version, translate the Chinese, very amusing. Do you think this is the same version by the cartel?
  14. Eta does like to reveal pics very early on, so i suspect it will be some time before we see finished version.
  15. I bought one, and I have 2 problems, the first is that I just could not get the bezel off and ended up scratching the case to pieces, any tips. Secondly when I gave up and took it to my local watch guy, he took one look at the thickness of the crystal and said there is no way that is going to fit in the case you are showing me. So it seems the seller who sold me a UPO case (for me to upgrade my standard case) screwed me out of $90 So, may end up sticking the crystal up for sale, but agree that it does look great.
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