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  1. Guess were going to start an Annex over here.
  2. Actually I saw you did part of a writeup of a build using a silix ROLS176 case which seems to still be available. Will the joeyb bezels work with silix? if so that seems to be my best, and most affordable bet.
  3. No, I understand how tough this build is as a rep, I've seen some of the build lists others on here and rwi have published and know how expensive it can be. I'm really just trying to find a case that will accept an ETA and fit the bezels. I want to reiterate that I'm not doing a 6542 build, just trying to do a one-off with a vintagey feel need help with some parts. I already know that Phong and MQ cases are too much $$. Unfortunately I cannot seem to access the puretime site because of virus protection. BTW I saw your build on HF and it was incredible.
  4. Hi guys, I love the look of the bakelite bezel and am trying to gather some information for a build that will use an ETA 2836 or clone. The only bakelites I've found are Yuki's and Tonnywatch on the bay. I've tried to get answers from them about what cases they will fit but have gotten no responses. While I'm not looking to do a rep build - i want to use an HR custom dial if possible - I've been all thru this forum and the rep builds are incredible. So I figure if any bunch of guys could direct me towards budget cases that can use these bezels (either 6542 or 1675 style) you guys can. TIA for the help, JT
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