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  1. Your going to laugh or cry, but the one that gets noticed (as a GEN) is:
  2. If I knew how to get the crystals out, I would send you a mess of them! Once I start the Time Zone watch School, I'll be ready for the next one!
  3. I'm sure I don't know ANYone who would even know what a Lange was ... nor would any of THEIR friends know! ;-)
  4. Hi folks! Hope we get to know each other soon! I was a member on another rep forum, but a group of a**hol* [censored] me off with their lack of respect. Anyway... This summer I capitalized on the Silix summer sale and bought 18 watches (9 for reg. price and 9 at the $19.99 price). Well, one of the Langes was DOA. Silix replaced it with another Lange - different from the first one, but I still love it. Just the kind of watch I like. What I ESPECIALLY liked was that Silix didn't require me to send back the dead one. That was SO convenient not to have to go thru that pain in the a**. I can't imagine a dealer being more accommodating than that!! Here is the new one: (Notice the seconds dials! They are half dials with flyback hands. Very interesting!)
  5. Hi VB! Yes... it is your old pal! Nice to see an "old" friend here!
  6. Hi all! Been away for a while, but I will be spending much more time here. Hope to get to know you all better.
  7. Terrible noob here ... What watches would one of these fit? Would hate to buy one (or 2) and have no use for it....
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