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  1. wear it well my friend. I do not like what has been, not to give it to you in hand as last time. @star69 if you have problem for this mod, don´t hesitate to ask me, you have my mail, and there is PM in HF and this Forum. I have make this fully build and have installed more than 15 sets.
  2. probably some of you could do this, but reality is that nobody wants to do it. Ask torobravo or LH how many CGs has made and how many has been discarded. Even in the hypothetical case you even you did it 97% perfect, nobody will be fully happy, because that 3% makes difference between rep and gen
  3. just bought omega gen mesh, and will go directly to supplier to study viability for a superb project.
  4. For your viewing pleasure, my last finished project. All buckles are handmade, brass made and chromed. Actually they look very new, but in a few worns will look like gen. sizes are like gen. Gen brass before chrome Chromed buckle vitagized buckle, 10-15 minutes using scotchbrite and sand paper. cheers
  5. okabum


    new pics added thanks for your words.
  6. okabum


    Hello Here I show you Oki
  7. Hi Finally I can show you my new hands, a full set for ETA 6497 movement, slightly curved as gen. Sizes are same as gen hands, measures was taken carefully for a fellow member. Thanks again. This hands are designed for usage in conjuction with H3 cannon and hour wheel. If you don
  8. its anodized problem is that are easily scratchable so for me is not an option
  9. like it, these firenze is really good, and the only one
  10. My friend, you make me happy. These pics make justice to this baby. Thanks for show us
  11. this evening, four spanish friends and three vintage
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