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  1. My first rep, an ARF Explorer is on its way to misiekped already. I feel bad about cross-posting from .bz just to earn M2M access. Seems RWI is thriving again?
  2. Hello to the moderators and members from Miami. Not posting much but I appreciate all the material to search and learn. So many watch forums - gen and rep - to follow...
  3. I'll respond here because this is what I found searching on SH3132. I purchased the 214270 for the same reasons. The winding mechanism and wheel train accept Rolex original or after market parts (still not cheap) so can be serviced, the balance assembly, however, looks like Seagull and is a pain to regulate accurately. The recommendation for service is because even though the parts are OK the assembly and oiling may be done haphazardly by less skilled labor, resulting in excessive wear and unexpected performance. I think it's cool the movement could fool a casual observer, but the need to wait weeks for a service by a community watchmaker and seeing the basic balance wheel under a loupe has been sobering reality check. As to the SA3135 it is an entirely different movement that does not have interchangeable parts and is even more hassle to service. Dealer websites are notoriously error prone: do your research and interact with a TD.
  4. It is worth trying to reach the seller and threatening to dispute the transaction with CapitalOne. Even though you may have agreed to T&Cs, and they will win the dispute, a significant number of disputes will result in CapitalOne closing their merchant account, so they might refund you to avoid the dispute. Vendors like this are unlikely to take or respond to court action whatever they say, it is just not a priority for them.
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