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Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Pictural review

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Here's my very humble review of the Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon.

I'm not used to that, so bare with me. Maybe it will help other making a decision on this watch.

This new watch is full of flaw and it's a bit inevitable. A tourbillon movement is very complex and 2-3 year ago, no one on this forum could have even thought it would be possible to have this kind of replica.

This replica use a tourbillon made by Seagull. It'd fairly well build and reliable. The only problem is, if you ever have a problem, you will have an hard time finding a watchmisth with the skill/competence to repair this. I remember few year ago when Tourby started to show up (at over $1k a piece.. and it wasn't near as nice as those we have today) Narikaa had one broke on him. He found a small shop near him able to repair it for like $7.. So, I guess if anything goes wrong, there's someone somewhere that can fix this movement.

I can't find picture of this model as comparison, but I will use the Batman one (if anyone find one, let me know I will update)


And here's the Rep


Of course, this rep won't win any price for accuracy.

  • The Center hands are off center (due to asian tourby movement)
  • The dial pastern is wrong. The lower side shouldn't be "circle" but more like "wood texture" They had it correct for the RoseGold version.
  • The tourby cage is wrong. They really tried to duplicate it (and frankly, it's impressive!) but it's simply impossible. The cutoff is a bit too big
  • The Hublot Tourby "float" over the dial, while the Rep is flush... which lead to the other flaw
  • The case is tick! Much ticker than the usuall HBB rep

I use my V1 Black Magic as comparison. Please note, the crystal on this one was AR by Chief.. The rep doesn't do bad in this area!



Quite a bit ticker case!



Side by side, the Tourbi look good.. Really good actually! The AR is one of the best the rep world have to offer.


The claps look the same. I think the edge are a bit better finished than my Blackmagic, but I'm sure in a day or two I will scream about this uncomfortable claps :)

One note about the strap. Even if it's visually identical to the one my V1 have, it is noticeably softer on the Tourby. No idea what they did, But I find it more comfortable.


If you accept this rep isn't accurate, and will probably will never be, this is a stunning watch!! Such a piece of horlogerie was only dream few years ago for us Rep collector. This is my 3rd Tourbillon watch (First was the "Homer" one, which I sold because it was too small for me, and the second is a JLC which I did a review too today. The Hublot have a presence and a classy/sporty look that is hard to find.

If you like the look of it, buy it! This rep can be found for just a bit more than the usual tourbillon watches (I paid mine $600)

To end, the inevitable Gorilla (7 3/4") wrist shot


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