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Dupont Lighter


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Hi Guys, 

Long time not speak- but I've been doing a bit of lurking every once and while.  

So while not entirely watch related I thought this might be the best port of call for this query.

An acquaintance of mine handed over to me what they purport to be a genuine Dupont lighter- now truth be told I have never handled one before so i don't know what to look for. the action seems crisp and the ping upon opening resonates true. Is there anyone here that has experience with the knock offs and the gens?  

If gen I would like try to identify what exactly I'm handling so I can do a comparative evaluation against what is on the market. 


I will upload photos soon! 


Many thanks! 

Sorry for the crap images





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Never seen such model between reps, and having had a rep, one of the signs is that after some time the rodium start to fade revealing the brass below. This seems quite beaten up and not showing the brass let me think it can be gen.

Other 2 tells (but not sure if always applicable) is the serial: engraved and precisely on a line = fake. The gen are punched and not on a straight line:



Also you can check the refill cap. Gens are yellow inside:


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