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Looking to get a 39mm or 41mm SS Royal Oak

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Hi Guys, I've been lurking round here for quite a while now, I've owned a few Rolex and Panerai replicas...


But now I'd like to get an AP - I recently bought a 41mm didun design 'homage' in rose gold for bling and fun, but I've come to really like the look, and it's the first watch that has relegated my gen Tudor to the safe for any length of time for the last couple of years... 


So, I'm after a black dialled Royal Oak in SS, either 39mm or 41mm I'm not looking for a 1:1 perfect copy, just one that is good quality, can be used as a daily basher but also has sapphire and good lume... I hope you guys can help...





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Hi All,


Sorry - I should have been more specific, I was hoping to get some advice about the options for a (preferably) 39mm or (possibly) 41mm Royal Oak in SS with black dial, I don't have unlimited budget for this, so I'm looking for your experience with different versions - I know that the JF 15400 is widely regarded as the best all rounder, but I was wondering the following:


1. What's the best alternative 39mm to the JF?

2. Are there any good 15202's or Jumbo's you could recommend?

3. Is anyone making a good 15500 yet?


Thanks in advance!

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Stick with the jf15400 I believe that is still the closest you will get and you can always have it modded by the@legend to make it closer to gen spec.

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