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InTime Rolex Datejust

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Good Evening Everyone ,


I was looking at purchasing an InTime Rolex Datejust two tone clone. However I was wondering if there is anyone on this thread that does work on them to add a Yuki movement and some other parts to make it a more worth while watch. I am completely new to this so any constructive criticism is greatly appreciate . a couple questions below..... thanks again everyone .


Is this particular watch a good choice ?


Should I be concerned about the gold wearing off?


Does in time use a real mother of pearl face ? 

Are these waterproof or can they be waterproofed ?


Who would you recommend to change parts or work on it ? 



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Welcome aboard! You've certainly chosen an expensive watch- a wrapped gold model. The story is that wrapped gold will hold up better than gold plated. Whether it last 3-5 years or longer, who can say. Some of it depends on how much you wear it. The bezel and the crown on the case will probably do ok, the bracelet is where you'll see wear- if it becomes noticeable just go buy another TT bracelet. This a rep watch so no Intime doesn't use real mother of pearl and the diamonds are faux. The watch may or may not be waterproof- you'll have to find a watchmaker to test it. You can check around on this site under watchmakers or repairs and probably find someone who can do it for you. Adding a Yuki movement, or installing other parts is probably getting ahead of yourself at this point. I would recommend that you find a nice rep DJ in the $200-400 range , preferably in ss and see how it goes first. After you've done a bunch of reading you will have a better feel for the rep watch scene and can plan your next move. These DJs are really pretty decent so I would think that you wouldn't have to go changing out a bunch of parts- enjoy your rep and get a feel for the hobby- good luck

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