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So I have decided to start off the path of building myself a V72 powered 6263 Daytona.  One main element for that build is a Valjoux 72 in good running order, or in my case a questionable eBay score.  I snagged it for $1300 so not too bad but after digging in it has definitely seen some better days.  Some rust (thankfully only mainly affecting screw threads) and some shotty repair/replacement work BUT it does run pretty decent right out of the case.  Right out of the old case and on the timeographer it was reading +1sec/day, +1.46ms Beat error,  and 277 amplitude.  Im hoping with a nice clean and fresh oils we can improve that.


Anyways I took photos along the way to keep track of where all the parts go and figured I would share with the crew here incase anyone else decides to go down this road.  Sadly when taking the photos it didn't hit me to keep the same orientation of the movement for each shot so I edited my best to keep it somewhat consistent shot to shot, If I do get around to photographing the assembly then ill keep that in mind.


To kick it off Ill start with a shot of the whole movement and a close up of the "aftermarket" hour recording jumper spring I didn't notice before I bought it...







And on to the disassembly, Starting with the dial side standoffs and chrono parts. 




Hour Recorder bridge first (Boomerang shaped part left of center).  Hour Hammer [censored] is next (large giraffe shaped part with two large screws just right of center)




Hour hammer and Pawl next which were under the hour hammer [censored] on the right side along with the large long Pawl spring contacting them.




The large curved Dial standoff on the left is next ,




And on to the reverse side to start on the Chronograph parts.  These ill just show instead of naming parts.








































Heres the underside of the train wheel bridge.




Shot of the wheels in their places




Escape and seconds wheel removed




And home stretch back to the dials side for the keyless works and the other thing :) 










Check out how dirty the main spring is.  Nasty stuff.





And one last shot of all the Chronograph parts next to their respective screw.  They all have their own unique size screw so I wanted to make sure I got this shot for the reassembly.




Thanks guys!

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