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I am not too slick (perpetual calendar fail)


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Different movements operate differently & without knowing the specific movement, I can only provide generic recommendations. Most complicated watches have some type of pusher or small button on the side of the case (look for a ball-point pen tip sized button on the side of the case) that you press (with a ball point pen tip) to advance the numbers on the dial. In some cases, this may be accomplished via the crown(s). If whatever control you used to advance the year does not offer a way to turn back the year, then either there may be another control for that or you have to keep advancing the year until you reach the limit of the underlying date wheels (eg, 2222 or 9999) & keep advancing until you reach 2022.

If you just purchased the watch, the seller should know how it operates. I would think that would be the best place to start.

lange pusher 002.jpg

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