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Timegrapher results

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Hello everyone and thanks in advance for your input.


I have ordered a GMT-Master II 126710 BLNR Black/Blue Ceramic 904L Steel Clean Factory Best Edition on Jubilee Bracelet DD3285 CHS

and just received QC.


Seems very good and I am ready to GL but I am somewhat troubled by the timegrapher results https://mega.nz/folder/2VQ1wDRZ#OzivV0SiPHMcDT9wTSLD9Q

Is the angle acceptable and so important for the readings? 


Any advice on the QC in general is greatly appreciated.

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59 is high, but I do not know what lift angle is spec'd for these clone movements? You might ask the seller why his timegrapher is set to such a high lift angle (norm is between 48-52, with 52 being the most common). The other specs look fine.

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