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  2. Thanks. It's a beautiful piece. Bigwaved does great dials I follow his thread on HF, I never thought I'd be a Panerai guy, but once one sneaks into the watchbox......
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  3. This is the first watch I build from the mainplate up. I disassembled the movement, I cleaned the parts, I oiled it including the Incablocs. I rebuild the movement, I regulated it, I cut and filed the stem to size for the case, put on the dial with dial dots, installed the hands, cased it. It was a mess in so many ways. But I succeeded. It is certainly nothing special, nor is it my most beautiful watch. It is just crap from the net put together. But [censored] it I am sooo proud. :-) Thanks to all the enthusiastic guys and the inspiration of this forum. If it wasn't for you guys I would have never done it.
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  4. One of those nites, the torch still glowin... Great luminescence,bro! "There are more than 1 road to Rome...."
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  5. Orient Star - Standard Date (SDV02003W0) and I promptly removed the factory (ugly) bracelet and put it on a Jubilee.
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