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  1. Mine v7 still looks great. 8 month later... No issues what so ever.
  2. If you're going to hi-jack this thread by selling yourself, you could at least refer to a video where they speak ENGLISH. I have no idea which one is AR or Noob in the video you linked too
  3. Hi! What do you think about this model? http://www.pf-828.com/0-rlst00003w-116613-blue-14k-tt-sub-swiss-2836-3135.html?___SID=U I don't know in what factory it's made. I know there are some other popular gold wrapped models on this model but my "problem" is that i need a detachable half-link to fit my 6-o'clock side wrist like this model have (confirmed by TD). Not many other 116613 reps provides that.
  4. Good choice! Im sure you will be as pleased as I was when it arrived!
  5. Yes, that's the correct address at the time (20th July 2017).
  6. I choose 2836... It seems to be the most stable movement at the time when comparing it to 3135. So far it works very, very well!
  7. Thanks. Torobravo. He won't rip you off!
  8. Thanks! Good choice with the BK Noob Sub, I've heard it's a masterpiece! BTW sorry for the misspelling of "Date Wheel"
  9. It arrived a few days ago. Everytime I open a the China-package for my replica I expect it to be like 0,5 m big after been zooming in on all the reference prics, QC-pics and so on the computer screen. And when it finally comes out of the plastic wrapped around it looks so tiny And all the small "bad" details that I was affraid of wasn't even visible for the human eye Not for a 31 year old any way... I don't own the gen unfortunately so I can't compare them but I have been watching A LOT of pics, Youtube-videos and have seen it in real life many times and this is rep is amazing! My old sub-rep from Josh (7 years old and still works perfect) can't compare with this Noob v7 (well, maybe the dials are pretty similar). And 7 years ago that rep was considered top-notch. I've added comparison pictures but they don'r really justify the difference between them i think. The feeling and details between them are obvious IRL... I've probably spent more money on reps than what the gen sub costs. I've only got 6 reps left in the collection and this sub is my absolute favorite. Most of you already know the small difference between a Noob v7 and a gen but I can gurantee you that this watch would fool 99,5-99,9% of ordinary people and most of the gen-owner (it wouldn't fool you guys of course but MOST of the gen owners haven't taken notice of the "black hole" on/in the cyclop or that their watch is highly polished between the teeth on the bezel ring. Neither do they think about 0,05 millimeter difference on the SEL-fit when looking at their watch)... imho... You guys have given me a lot of knowlege here so I thought I would give you a litte something back, for what it's worth... Also you are friendly here unlike one other forum where members screams: "YOU CAN'T POST 3 QC-PICS HERE AND ASK FOR ADVISE! THAT'S INSANE TO DO ON A REPLICA-FORUM! THE TD IS GONNA GO BANKRUPT NOW... WE WILL HAUNT YOU AND BAN YOU FOR LIFE BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T READ THE RUUUUULES". So thank you for that Finally: - Rehaut very good! - Dateween and cyclop alignment - Good (even if the picture doens't show) - SEL - Very well I think (you be the judge) - A little dust on the camera lens or/and the watch but perfect condition when it arrived! Hope the pictures are ok. Taken by my mobile. /Akilles
  10. Thanks! Told TD I accepted it!
  11. Thanks! And the SEL looks fine right? As far as I can see they do but you guys might have sharper eyes than me
  12. Hi ladies and gents! Got these QC-pics. Think they look good, what do you think? /Akilles
  13. Im getting confused... which model is the best one today? Mine is about two years old now so I guess there are better ones out there.. but mine is still ticking though
  14. Was looking att Josh's IWC watches and found one I really like. I've heard there been som issues with the movement on olders versions. Is that issue fixed on this model? http://www.pf-818.com/watches/iwc/portugese-series/portugese-automatic-chrono/iwpg10013-portuguese-chrono-rg-le-grey-a-7750-new-improved.html?___SID=U
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