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  1. Admin

    Happy Birthday ruki!

  2. Admin

    Happy Birthday ruki!

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    Happy Birthday ruki!

  4. I haven't checked the forum for a good while but after just getting an email from the admin stating the the technical problems had been solved I decided to have a look again and I would very much like to get a VIP or platinum membership.
  5. The link to the PDF document for the bracelet seems to be broken. Would anyone be able to fix it? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for your reply, I didn't know that they were manufactured by Fossil. In fact I'm trying to find more information (movement, etc)about the watch but I can't find anything on the internet. Would anyone have any information about this watch? Thanks in advance, Ruki.
  7. Hi, I have been given this watch as a Christmas present: http://www.beaverbrooks.co.uk/index.cfm?ev...;productID=2259 As I'm really no watch expert, can anyone tell me about the quality of the watch? I'm thinking of exchanging it at the shop for another one. Taking the price on the website above as a guidance, which one would you exchange it for on that price range.(For those in the UK the watch was purchased at Harrods,maybe you can advice on what they have there). I'm trying to do some research before heading there, maybe I can get a nice Seiko or Citizen for that price, which one would you recommned? Or would you keep it? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thank you very much for your reply By-tor. I'm just discovering this replica world and I can say that it's all really exciting and I understand now what all the members were saying about getting hooked, I would buy 10 watches right now if I could. Anyways, thanks again and I'll be looking for a Pan for a friend of mine as a Christmas present, so maybe I will get to wear it too.
  9. Hi, I'm really interested in this watch and I think this couldbe my first purchase (I fear of many),however I have a couple of questions before commiting to buy: Is Jos selling the new updated version you mentioned? Is the Airton Senna version with the polished bezel also updated with the correct date font? As far as I have read Jos seems to be one of the most respetable dealers but as I live in the UK, is him the best option? Would it be too much to also ask for a recommendation of a very accurate Pan? Thanks, Ruki
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