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  1. SD PreV dial interest

    My inquiry is not due to anticipation, anxiety or impatience. I can see DS is very talented and working very hard to deliver a quality product. I'm sure many on the list would appreciate the opportunity to see the fruition of his efforts prior to making payment.
  2. SD PreV dial interest

    Ditto, I would like to see how the completed dials look
  3. SD PreV dial interest

    +1 Agreed 8-12 color is best NEEEEEEEEEEED 218.......PLEASE SIGN ME UP!!!!!!
  4. SD PreV dial interest

    Thanks for the update!!
  5. Trying my hand at painting T-dial patina...

    Sweating the details, nice work B!
  6. My first 3646 Brevettato build

    Marlin your build looks great, thanks for sharing. This was the vintage that I wanted to build more than any other and thanks to Gordens work on the bezel it became possible. My case was also shaped into a very slim build (had to really squeeze her together).
  7. This is what happens when I get bored :)

  8. Pre V booklet

    Nice project SD! If this becomes a reality, I would be interested also :-)
  9. Tobacco 4-liner

    036 done right
  10. SD PreV dial interest

    Sorry about this, I want to change mine to; 1 - 201/A matching 1 - 202/A non matching
  11. SD PreV dial interest

    I'm in
  12. Tudor Fans - Let's see 'em

    1963 PCG Gilt Underline 7928 1987 76100 Lollipop hour hand
  13. The 1675 gmt Thread, post em pleas ;)

  14. Up until I recently discovered this mod was possible on the now discontinued 064/087, the only way to update the rep case set with a gen bezel was to permanently affix (epoxy) a gen bezel to the rep case. Even though you lost uni-directional bezel functionality, it was a very worthwhile mod as the rep bezel is a HUGE tell with its oversized nibs and sh1tty pearl. One day I was looking through my parts bin and noticed the bezel retaining mechanism on the 064/087 rep bezel was a separate component from the bezel itself (other rep bezels I've examined, the ratchet mech and bezel are 1 piece). The first step at accomplishing this goal was to remove the bezel from the case with a standard case knife working your way around the case/bezel (the 064/087 is not as difficult to remove as some models like the 187 which is a nightmare). Next remove the retaining/ratcheting mech from the rep bezel (I think cutting the bezel off with a dremel is the best alternative preventing bending of the retainer). The pic below shows the retaining mech which must be removed from the rep bezel. What you want to do now is reshape the retaining mech (I don’t have a lathe so a dremel was used) to fit inside the gen bezel by applying a bevel at the top edge and removing any other mat’l necessary to get a good fit. A good fit would be the retaining mech is recessed into the bezel the same amount as it was recessed within the rep bezel. After test fitting the retaining mech into the gen bezel, I reattached the retaining ratchet assembly. Now place the gen bezel on the mech to see where you are with fit. You must be certain that the fit was very close in the previous step because any further reshaping of the retaining mech should be done with it installed on the case set (you would likely bend it if you tried to remove it at this stage). The bezel must be tight enough to not rattle but loose enough to turn, a difficult balance to achieve and will require some trial and error. Now epoxy the gen bezel to the retainer mech, being very careful not to get epoxy within the ratcheting mech and paying close attention to alignment. Here is what we have after completion.