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  1. I got mine by ordering directly from his website. He's pretty good about updating availability.
  2. NOS goodness...
  3. Thank you for taking the time to post those pics. I think you should show those to the TD you ordered from and try and get a replacement.
  4. It was the latest V6s? And what part of the clasp broke?
  5. Shipped on Sat., arrived on Tues... gotta love DHL's service! Fit and finish has come a long way since the first Deepseas hit the rep market. This one will probably get OEM hands, dw, crown and possibly inner AR. Also a Yuki movement with the requisite service and OEM upgrades... stay tuned. The dial I can live with,... for now the dial finish is improved too.
  6. It all started 7 years ago when I sold a minty 24a mid-case with xtal (first pic of the case hoard I bought off ebay, 24a case upper left next to a 28a case). I then spent the next couple of years asking myself "WTF??? why did I sell it???" I eventually got over it until I saw it again built up into the watch you see posted here.When the chance to purchase it came up yesterday, I jumped on it.The build consists of...• Gen mid case• Gen crystal• Gen dial• Gen service hands• Gen datewheel• Gen cg• Swiss 7750 movement• Rep casebackBoth of the previous owners took exceptional care of the watch, I'm grateful for that as the case in original condition was a rare find.Here are a couple of pics...As soon as I got outside, the hands charged up instantly just as all Luminova sub hands do. Unfortunately clean, uncorroded tritium hands are almost impossible to find. Tried this strap today and it will stay on the watch for awhile...
  7. Found a nice vinty strap at Hodinkee...
  8. Definitely undervalued, but prices are going up on nice all original examples.
  9. Thanks guys. Wear not too bad for a xtal almost 35 years old.
  10. Side view showing the original crown used for 16800/3035 mvt...
  11. Interesting history with the 16800. Introduced around 1979 with the following changes to the 1680 • first Sub to get a sapphire crystal • first Sub to get the 3035 movement and quick-set date • went from a 660' depth rating to 1000' • first Sub to get the 120 click uni-bezel • Tritium insert pearl with surround For the first couple of years, Rolex continued to use the matte dial and open lume. In 1983/4 they went with the gloss dial and lume with metal surrounds. These new gloss dials had problems with cracking aka spider dials. Thanks to fellow member and Rolex aficionado HotDuck for pointing me in the direction of the 16800 after hearing about my frustration trying to find a good deal on an all original 1680. Insert pearl and hands are just starting to develop some patina. No more glow.
  12. He builds a 3646 variation. The watch in my op is the current 448