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  1. I promised to take more photos and here they are... Avitt's work is incredible and his attention to detail is exemplary. Here's the details on this watch: - started as a shiny pvd finish cartel 292 - sent to Rex for lume + movement service - sent to Avitt for DLC process - I installed an OEM crystal in it (that's why I'm calling it a franken) - on OEM black calf strap
  2. Just about every dealer has them now. I bought mine from Tony at Asian7750.
  3. when you get the screws, use some loctite to keep them in place.
  4. Clasp is made of titanium as well and clicks in really well. No complaints. The font is the correct size to gen. The 9 and 10 are the only ones too close. The rest of the dial is really spot on to gen.
  5. its 1.0 or 1.5 on the metric key
  6. The Santos 100 Carbon/DLC just arrived today. I didn't get the opportunity to take photos in the daylight, but here's my overall comments & photos: Positives - The case is done really well in Titanium. It's much lighter than my other Santos watches. - The raised silver numbers on the dial are done accurately. Good color, size, etc. - Deployant is surprisingly well done in PVD titanium. - Caubuchon is dark and very similar to gen. - This watch feels gen-like. - Case-back has accurate engravings with proper fonts. Negatives - It is NOT DLC, but rather PVD. I'm considering sending it to Avitt for DLC treatment. - The strap is a rep strap and I'll swap it out for OEM. - The only dial flaw I can pick out is the numbers 9 and 10 (IX and X) are about 1mm too close - Crystal slightly raised like other ultimates, but really not noticeable at all unless you're absolutely looking for it. - Lume is weak on the hands (I know.. Its a Cartier, not Panerai) Summary This is a kick-ass watch. For $400, it's an incredible value and a keeper. Good reference photos of the Gen: http://forums.timezone.com/index.php?t=tree&th=1507022&mid=5187057&rid=0&rev=&reveal= Here's the photos:
  7. The cabouchon on my rep is actually dark blue. The lighting made it look darker.
  8. The panerai in the photo is a Pam 104 at 44mm. The ballon bleu in the photo is the large version at 42mm.
  9. I'm more of a Panerai guy myself and pulled the trigger on this Ballon Bleu. If you're on the fence.. here's some photos to tip you over.
  10. Drulee - my purple-dial cousin! I looked at your photos. Mine don't look quite as "purple", but I'm guessing your photos were shot outdoors or with lots of light. See the attached photo of a gen 228 - I'm using this as reference. So.. if 228 blue dials are not available, what do you think about "converting" it to another gmt (like 063, 088, 156, 089, 297). In other words, order a dial + caseback for one of those models and kill the whole idea of a 228? What do you think would be most accurate to convert to considering the 228 is polished + brushed on the finish?
  11. I bought a Pam 228 from a member and the dial is more purple than the correct blue. I've written several dealers and cant find one who will sell me just the correct blue dial. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I've taken mine apart to get it ready for the mods. Take a look at repgeek and the BP that MilesD put together. He did a video and photos of it after the mods. Thats what im trying to do with mine. On the Days-I issue, its not as obvious on mine. It bothers me to see that on the photo as well. I would ask Josh or whomever you buy it from for a photo to make sure that problem does not exist. Some people have also had issues of the date not lining up perfectly in the datewheel. That's something your watchsmith can address.
  13. Forget the $88.00 one.. its extremely innacurate versus the original. Pick the 5002 or 5004 - whichever you like more. I just picked the 5002 and received it. I plan on getting the following mods done: 1) double AR 2) correct the lume 3) service the rotor so it quiets some 4) buy oem strap or comparable 5) fix faux pr to full position 6) fix lowered date wheel It depends on how picky you are with your reps. The above will close the gap between gen vs your rep.
  14. Has anyone successfully bought a better movement and transplanted it in to their AP @ 12? I've seen guys advertising genuine AP movements. I'd love to hear real experiences if anyone has tried this?
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