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  1. I received a black one, and I had ordered a blue one so I returned it and got a different watch. That's why the pics never came.
  2. The 36mm ceramic seamaster that trusty has is amazing. I wish that maker would make the 41mm version. There is a 41mm version made by BP which is nowhere as good. The Miyota 9015 does not have any stutter. The Miyota 8025 in the V6F has stutter because it has indirect seconds by design and there is play within the gearing.
  3. Lol yeah Idk how I put that the dial detail is better than gen. I meant it is better than TF. woops I had a blue dial TF and I can say that I enjoyed it more than the white TF. The blue dial was magical although indeed different than gen. I think the JF blue is closer, although perhaps nicer, deeper, than the gen so not quite accurate either. As far as V6F and TF I believe the dials are the same. Someone has said the bracelets are the same as well--and that is a very nice bracelet if you get one that is symmetric (I got one that was mismatched on one side of the case on my TF). I like the TF bracelet flexibility better than JF. V6F case shape is better than TF, but it's thicker my a millimeter and change. As far as dials... despite the tappiserie size (accurate for other Royal Oaks not this one) being too small, it feels gen-like.
  4. I just received my JF 15400 and I must say after owning two TF versions (A2824 and Miyota), the JF has the best attention to finishing details and case tolerances. JF has a lot of AP experience. The recessed screws are spot on, the lines are as good as gen, the dial detail is more accurate than gen, while the tapisserie indeed is smaller, it is highly detailed moreso than TF and V6F. The dial pops much more and the watch feels better quality. Both of my TF watches had different issues that wouldn't be found in gen watches (the case lines didn't match the bezel/midcase/caseback), the cases had differing levels of assymetry and irregular fit. The bracelet was very flexible and I'm afraid more so than the JF version although the JF finish is great. The thickness is not as bad as V6F, but I have not personally measured it yet. As far as the screws on the clasp, it appears that JF purchased a watch and while the screws are incorrect to the TF version, they are correct to the latest iterations of the 15400, so the clasp is in fact correct. I personally would not buy another TF 15400, 2 was enough and they both disappointed me personally by having fit and finish issues. The BP case looks nice too but the dial and movement are off. The movement was undecorated which would never be the case with an AP. At least the Miyota TF and A2824 were very nicely decorated.
  5. I will post pics of mine later in the month when I get it. I got the frozen subdial version, blue
  6. The end-links are the part of the bracelet where it attaches to the case. You can see from the back that the shiny parts on the front are actually separate pieces of metal. Here you can see that the waves are supposed to look like waves in the sand. They are not bad on your watch. On some reps they are shiny wavy lines like this disgrace from the BP factory: The pearl is different too. Yours isn't bad either It's nice that yours works as it should without the frozen subdial.
  7. There are two versions. The one that uses the 7753 works as gen does--subdial at 3 works, date is corrected via pushbutton recessed on helium escape valve. It is the OP's watch. The inaccuracies: The end links are one solid piece. The caseback wave patternThe pearlThe 7750 version is made by BP factory, it has 5 piece end links (with 4 polished metal inserts) as gen, and the caseback is beautifully replicated, the pearl is also very good. Inaccuracies: 7750 movement, frozen sub-dial at 3
  8. A picture tells a thousand words. Any gen part would cost more than your watch. There are a few factories making this watch, and I've no clue which one without any pics.
  9. Hey Ice_Gee, thank you for posting this! I've been wondering which version to get myself. How do these two V6F and Zfac compare to the last Noob version? Last I heard, Noob was going to make more but they were waiting on some parts (possibly crystals). Cheers!
  10. The dial is very accurate. It has not changed. Differences noticed in the past in the minute track, hour markers, date font are all correct per gen. They are different gen editions. if they "change the dial" it won't be per gen bc they already replied from a gen and they aren't likely to purchase another one to appease everyone. This one rocks.
  11. The maker used a gen watch, but the one they purchased is from the initial batch. It is a very accurate dial, true to the gen that was used. Note the date font is correct as well. Here is the gen: here's the one on my wrist for the last 49 hrs That said... the panda is nice too!
  12. Thanks! Yes i have about 5x. Your watch looks hand-picked. Jennifer did good again.
  13. I think what happens is the orders keep piling and when stock comes it's mostly accounted for. I placed my order a week after it came out and barely got QC the last few days--so I've been waiting for almost a month. If you place order when stock comes in it may already be sold out.
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