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  1. Thanks all! Glad you like it :) @benjamin.david.3 yes had the full works blue dial (no gen bezel) but I then built a Franken Daytona and my god the parts were 3x more than I ever remembered so it ended up having to go! Shame but I think I will do another this year :)
  2. Good afternoon to you all around a globe, In a nutshell I wanted a really nice YM that I could wear daily without having to totally blow the budget. I think this is a cracking ‘economy’ non franken build for what you get. Base watch is a full mod BK Noob YM so genuine Swiss ETA 2836 with a monster power reserve, runs to perfection, Rehaut aligned, sealed and tested for WR, plus all his other usual additions etc etc. I then went for the prof black hole crystal (this is my first one and I have to say having had at least 5-6 gen crystal watches in my time it is indeed very close and certainly leaps ahead of the standard factory ones) it has the ‘shine’ gen crystals give off and of course the infamous black hole we all speak of. Nice work prof! Lastly I went for the Tomrep bezel mod. I’ve said this before but this is far and away the best ‘must have’ mod for a YM. I’m sure everybody knows but for anyone knew that may be reading. The gen YM insert is totally matte and textured so it looks like a completely separate material to the rest of the watch. Standard rep YM’s have a plain and smooth silver exactly the same as the rest of the watch which makes it instantly incorrect from every angle. He has taken it to another level now with his latest V2 mod and I can not recommend it highly enough. I’m kind of yearning for another superfranken YM at some point but for now I think I’ve ended up with a really solid little piece here. I do hope you enjoy the pictures I’ve taken for you and as always you guys are the best judges! p.s I managed to find two pics of the GEN in the sunlight similar to some of mine
  3. thank you all and thanks for the very informative answer to my question legend! I now understand exactly why the date on the Panda doesn't flip over exactly at 12 (also good to know there's no issue with the Gen ETA!)
  4. Thanks for the very kind words and yeah I 100% agree on all of your points above. Half the fun is sharing them with us (the 1%!) so we can all assess and discuss.. I enjoy taking the pictures and sharing them with everyone can't ask much more than an owner of the gen calling it a nice watch too.. cheers!! p.s question on the AP Panda it's a swiss ETA 7750 but the date change starts at like 11pm and finishes at like 12.05am bit annoying that it's stuck halfway for an hour (I am being picky maybe but just wondered if that happens on the gens) running in near perfect time and the chorines are a delight so I guess it's not a service it needs.
  5. Yeah I completely understand your point. If I felt the hands were that bad I would have got some for it. . Seeing as I have made this (lets just call it a 'normal Franken') for a very small portion of the price of the gen I think it does the job nicely. Again I do agree it needs gen everything external to be 'super' however I get endless comments on this one way more than my gen hulk or any other franken/rep I own. Maybe that's just because it's the best colour combo etc but I do genuinely get the satisfaction of gen from this one and I can't say that for any gen insert gen dial blah blah wm9 Frankens etc I have had. Always appreciate talking watches that's why we are all here! Thanks for the comments all.
  6. Lovely weather this morning so I thought I would snap a few pictures and share them with all of you! Before the exciting stuff here are the specs and a few thoughts on each just in case anyone is thinking of getting either of them etc. First up the Super Franken Safari which was built by the one and only Domi Genuine ETA LWO 283 Movement Genuine Audemars Piguet Dial Genuine Audemars Piguet Safari Hornback Genuine Audemars Piguet Deployant It also has all the goodies like thinned caseback, Edges best DW and Cyclops etc etc Second watch is the 44mm Panda which was also built by Domi and has a Genuine Swiss ETA 7750 inside! I love both of these watches for different reasons but the nicest feeling for me personally is the fact that they feel like they will never let me down. What I mean is not being worried about the chrono's not being worried about swimming and generally just enjoying them as I would the gen and never thinking I'll look at the time one day and the watch will have stopped. They actually both run as well as my Gen Hulk which is amazing if you think about it. The Panda 44mm is an absolute beast of a watch, it really has a massive presence. Of course the Safari actually feels like I am wearing the Gen and I am sure you'll agree it looks the part.
  7. Good afternoon gentlemen, This is a repost from another forum but in all the excitement I forgot to share it here.. Hope it's useful! I picked up a Gen Hulk from the AD and thought I would take some side by side shots for comparison. Firstly before I start I must mention the REP pictured here is not a run of the mill BP it has had the full vac treatment including AR, lume, WR to 10 ATM and the better Noob insert and pearl added. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew this before thinking an out the box BP looked like this now as that might be misleading etc etc I am far from an expert but thought I would share some personal thoughts on the differences etc. First thought after having them together is that the rep is really AMAZING and very close indeed! I mean from 5ft away could I tell? probably not! However it's when you get up close and personal that the differences for me really start to show. Things I can't pick up very well on the iPhone such as the bezel and dial sunburst colour and print also the bezel markers etc weight isn't bad on rep but is still noticeable on the wrist when compared. Also the 904L is a different colour in natural light than the rep. Honestly I bought this watch in a moment of pure insanity at the AD.. but now I am really glad I did it! Overall for a 10th of the price the rep is great value. Now onto the pictures, let me know what you think! p.s Gen always on the left should probably mention that
  8. I have never ever had one fail that has been serviced! Even more fun they barely lose a second and are all waterproof! Boom P.s Merry Crimbo all!!!!
  9. Thanks for the comments guys I got this direct from Vac! Now got a safari on order from him too.. His work is amazing.
  10. Thought I would share some pics with you all.. It's here and it is simply one of the best replica watches I have ever held worn or seen! I actually get the fuss now I bought a gen 116710 only three weeks ago and this is a serious contender for most wrist time. I'll hope to let the pics do the talking but I will agree with what some others have said that it doesn't picture as well as most reps but when you see it in person it blows your mind!! VAC lume, Service, AR and 10ATM tested! LUME IS INCREDIBLE!
  11. Hi there guys posted three threads last night each have had between 4-6 replies but I haven't been getting emails as and when people reply even though it seems I have the settings on? Is it just better to use the notification system when you log in?
  12. I have travelled everywhere with up to 3 watches at a time I always have them in my hand luggage.. don't trust them out of my site even with the little padlock much happier in there
  13. haha thanks a lot I will be posting here now too!
  14. Amazing I am glad you posted this as this is exactly what I am hoping for need to get the Gen crystal! Does the crystal make an amazing difference?? I am definitely getting one for mine.
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