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  1. Admin

    Happy Birthday 217!

  2. i have not posted here in years ,just came today and read your post , only can wish you all the best luck and all the force in the world , keep strong , and mybe ¿why not? You can be the first one...I wish so Good luck and wish you can have as soon as possible your modded APs and enjoy them
  3. Admin

    Happy Birthday 217!

  4. Admin

    Happy Birthday 217!

  5. Admin

    Happy Birthday 217!

  6. Very nice piece , congrats & enjoy
  7. Each & every one is a master piece , you can be proud of your work , congratulations masters and the best for 201 (love your avatar.....)
  8. Really nice , like it a lot. Enjoy and thanks for sharing
  9. Hello , hope someone out there can help me , I would need the measures for an Angelus 240 movement ring to fit a DSN Case , thanks for reading and best regards
  10. Fantastic work , congratulations for the result
  11. Hello , I would like to share with you what I got , hope soon (with the help of a friend.....you know who) soon will become a very nice watch
  12. Great collection , congratulations and wear well
  13. Congratulations for your efforts , great work . Let me a suggestion : if the Angelus would be mine I would paint in black all the parts that come out from the holes Regards
  14. As always , simply perfect . Congratulations
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