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  1. The perfect size for PAM’s in my opinion. I have 3 myself and love them.
  2. Good Lord this idiot had the nerve to make a video. Best laugh I have had in a very long time. Sent from My iPhone 5s
  3. I have posted pics of a few watches on Facebook. I did not comment one way or another that it was a Rep or Gen, matter of fact the watch itself was not the topic at hand, just happened to be what I had on at the time. My thoughts on this is Reps are what they are, don't wear them into an AD for sure, this has been explained many times over. But I wear some sort of rep pretty much every day out in public, in the office, etc., so someone can see it if they get close enough. I never try to pass them off as Gen. If someone asks nicely, I tell them it's not a an authentic brand X........ Not like I go out of my way to flash them around, nor do I try to hide them. They are for my enjoyment as a hobbyist, nothing more, nothing less. GreenHornet's iPad via Tapatalk HD
  4. Looks Gen to me. My wife has a similar one in pink MOP dial with pink strap. Based on the pics available, everything seems to check out. Perhaps some additional hi-res pics might uncover a flaw or two, but so far I think you have the real deal. GreenHornet's Tapatalk HD
  5. Is this a real Rolex or some sort of fantasy model? GreenHornet's Tapatalk HD
  6. The rehaut is not aligned properly on a few DSSD's that I'm aware of. It's a bummer too since overall they are much improved over the Noob versions. GreenHornet's Tapatalk HD
  7. My wife could. Are less for any watch that she has to so more than put on and replace a battery in every couple years. The box is of NO importance at all. Get a decent gen off eBay and roll with that. I'm sure she will be more than pleased with your attention than to the minute details of the box. GreenHornet's iPhone 5
  8. The watch looks fine to me. I think what ou are seeing at 2:00 is just a stray fiber or dust. No worries, I would approve it.
  9. With these Montauks being such hot property, it would have to be really flawed to reject one.
  10. Looks like the seller has ended the bids 3 times already and re-listed. I think he is starting with a low bid price and hopes that the bids will go higher, and when it doesn't reach the price he wants, he ends the bid and re-lists it
  11. Watcheden is a trusted dealer on some of the other forums, but not one of my favorites. GreenHornet's Tapatalk HD
  12. Very nice, this one is on the top of my list for my next rep
  13. This is easy, what I love about this site is that it was the site that I stumbled across 3 years ago that introduced me to the world of high quality rep watches. I had been doing some searching on google and had come across one of the scam sites promising AAA+++ quality Rolex watches, made in Switzerland using the exact same materials and manufacturing techniques as the Gens. I was all set to drop $1,000 on a Sub. I had never even heard of Panerai, Hublot, IWC, etc. Well here I am, 3 years later, well over a dozen reps in my case, and lights years ahead in general knowledge of horology. And guess what, I still don't own a Sub, the original watch that got me here,..... But I do have a DSSD, Milgauss, and Daytona. Even have two AP's, three PAM's, four Breitlings, three TAG's, and even a Louis Vuitton and Chanel for the wife. GreenHornet's Tapatalk HD
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