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  1. why don't you buy direct from where TC got his or is that beyond your thinking
  2. Admin

    Happy Birthday spen!

  3. HI that movement is a 2813 dg or nn try cousins for a new one. they cost about roughly 20 pounds then post...
  4. very nice and even a spare movement if needed
  5. hi this sounds like unfortunately your hour counter lock on both watches has failed or not locking your hour counter when resetting to zero. you see that this is always running even if your chrono is not but is locked into place by the lock the part number for this part is 8690. hope this helps
  6. hi now I might be wrong but has your watch got movement clamps because if it hasn't the spring will sit on top of your movement ring and when you put the case back on it will push the movement ring down thus holding your movement in place that would be why you wont have any movement clamps ive seen this before on some reps .hope you get it sorted
  7. HI just been looking on the bay and found this 45 quid plus shipping and its a 4 watch winder plus 6 watch storage item number is 310831185865 hope it helps
  8. hi im not new to the forum but don't say much.i had a similar problem with them not so long back its that I had reached the limit they set for buying and selling think iit was something like 1200 pounds or maybe more I had to contact them to get it lifted as I have no passport either I had to submit docs to verify who I was and that I was the registard owner of the bank account that was set up for my paypal account all in all it took 5mins to do and I even questioned them about the safety of sending docs via the net.Then I went into my paypal account and upgraded it.now I carnt remember exactly what I did but ive had no trouble from them again and the upgrade didn't cost anything either.but if you look on the bay for FAQ about your problem you should get an answer from that took me a while to search but its in there somewhere.hope you get it sorted as its a pain and another thing if you have funds in there they wont let you take it out until its verified .
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    Happy Birthday spen!

  10. Admin

    Happy Birthday spen!

  11. o and aswell try sammysmiths i also rebuilt and repaired a few for him hes on rwg also
  12. sorry but i dont do pics and if you want some comfirmation that i fixed it try pm ing weepy on rwg although i havent seen him on there for a while he will tell you that he got his bulgari tourby and 2 others back fixed and running
  13. Hi you might find thats its just the hairspring thats disslodged.that was one problem i found when i looked at one for someone.no so much a easy fix but its possible .just uncase the movement and check ..........
  14. HI to everyone i agree with the last answer its just a pic of the right watch you want to buy and if its ticking it gets sent out. thats my oppinion as ive bought of trusted dealers whom have good reviews sadley to find that faults that were reported by them have not been fixed and item just sent out. i dont [censored] them off just wont buy from them again and this wasnt a cheapo either. they have all got to start somewhere but they have to earn your trust aswell..........
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