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  1. Coz River doesn't have any left. So I'm actually building a couple, with aging mods this time.
  2. Just received this from River and I found myself loving the new look of this 47mm vintage model. I just can't bear to send it for aging mods. I have other 6152 coming in soon. Maybe I should just keep this as it is until later. River has lightly aged the hands though. Nice job, I must say. What do you think? NOS or mod?
  3. It feels significantly lighter and more comfortable than my UPO. Only thing is that it's more prone to scratches.
  4. I took all these with my iPhone 5. This Ti PO is one of the latest models with display caseback and a ceramic/LM bezel.
  5. I have no photography skill whatsoever. It's just the camera that's good.
  6. AR is as good as CrPO42 though the reflective dial doesn't show this. I can't way for CrPO45 though.
  7. <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />The AR fixed and looking clear but compared to CrPO42 it's a little more bluish than purplish. Bezel looks less glossy than gen and resembles the UPO but in blue. Other than that I think it's a very nice piece. Finish is very well done.
  8. Or alternatively you can also try the Cartel copies if you can't get he MBW
  9. I heard a bird told me one maker is working on these 44mm ROO.
  10. Thanks! It's one of my favorite vintage Rolex any day. Sounds like the inevitable. The more I look at it the more I feel it needs more realistic vintage lume color. Where can I get the tritium pearl? Should I get one of the aftermarket ones from eBay?
  11. Got this done but wondering what else I can do for it... Watch case: MBW Movement: ETA 2846 Dial: Yuki Hands: Omega Seamaster 300 Insert: Aftermarket from classicwatchparts Crystal: Watchmaterial Lug bars: Self made using 2mm marine grade steel bar Jobs done: - Drilling lug holes - Microwelding of steel bars - Sanding edges of lugs to flatten ends of lug bars - Reshaping of CG So what else can I do? Vintage relume of hands? Vintagizing the insert?
  12. I'd wait for the better AR in 2nd batch
  13. There should be no need use hairdryer on a watch, unless it has absolutely no water resistance then you shouldn't even wash the watch at all. The only watches I know do not have such WR are the gen vintage ones with old gaskets. If you need to clean such watches, use a dry and clean toothbrush.
  14. Something is still not quite right about this 1:1 "Made with a Genuine Watch Dissected...". Comparing to these photos of gen... Looking up close... Bezel of 1:1 rep looks much wider than gen1:1 rep seemed have increased size from 114270 mainly on the bezel, while gen dial looks largerHands on 1:1 rep look larger than genWhat do you think? Am I wrong, coz I sure hope I am so I can get one of these and be happy with it.
  15. Spotted this on a prestigious magazine. Must have been posted by a watch-ignorant to make this kind of mistake. <br /><br />
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