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  1. This has nothing to do with the texture of the paper, even if the paper isn't calandered it won't have that consistent grid. The rosettes are caused by the angle of the different colour screens to prevent moire. The screen itself is due to the exposure of the offset plate. I have to note that good HD printer can produce a print image that is very similar to offset but can be recognized by means of other details.
  2. LHOOQ is perfeclty correct. The FFHS is unique in that case but the it is relatively simple to explain why it has the "high SWISS" markings. Your last picture shows the last version of the gilt dial, after that one the first matte dials appeared which were FFHS as well as frog foot (first picture). It is very likely that Rolex used the same cliche (or template) from the latest gilt dial for the printing of the first matte dials. That's why these gilt dials and the FFHS look the same (coronet, text, hour markers and SWISS text).
  3. I thought about this particular mod a few times I think we even had a chat about this. At the moment my Explorer is perfectly watertight and I am afraid I could loose that. But it looks sooo good
  4. The outlay on the whole project? It's a lot, I mean ... a lot. I could have bought a genuine Datejust for the money but hey... I thought about it for a long time, if there would be anything I could improve. Now after more than one year on my wrist I haven't found a thing I could improve. Only the bracelet will be exchanged for a 78360 one day. And no, I won't sell it. I get a lot of these question but this is a keeper.
  5. Very very nice Explorer, I love how much you've put into that watch
  6. Keep in mind that the fonts have changed a few times, even some models have their "own" fonts / spacing.
  7. In generel you could say: long E middle strokes -> no no. With the Day Date I don't see issues, it is very common with gold watches that their engravings wear out, especially with the Day Dates since a lot of them were/are worn with a leather strap with rubs between the lugs. On these watches some watchmakers try to reengrave by hand which looks a bit sloppy, but I've seen that very often. The Explorer is absolutely fine, dial and movement are period correct, engraving is correct for 3.5mil. Only thing; I don't think that 7836 came with the watch.
  8. TRF at its best.... just look at this dial ^^ hilarious
  9. I always press gently onto the button when I insert the stem, I find that easier and I never ever had any problems with that.
  10. You can remove and reposition dial feet, all you need is an experienced watchmaker with a laser welding machine, the feet can be soldered to, but with that you have a greater chance of damaging the printed surface of the dial due to higher temperatures.
  11. I could be wrong, but isn't Whoppy's Explorer dial for a 1016 ?
  12. Thank you for these two notes! Yes the gap in the case is present on a lot of rep cases and here they might be exaggerated by the unperfected fit of the endlinks, but as Explorer enthusiasts know: there is no perfect endlink for the 1016. I am in touch with a company that can do laser welding, it's even modestly priced but atm I don't want to send the case away for another few weeks. The detail about the different cannon pinion heights is very interesting, never noticed that! As I am going to work on the movement in the near future I might find a lower hour wheel and cannon pinion fo
  13. Thank you all for the compliments, here is how I did it: http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/167880-the-built-of-my-franken-rolex-explorer-i-ref-1016/
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