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  1. Lol, They ALL have unavailable watches for sale on their web sites. I learned the hard way to ask first if they have it, then place the order.
  2. I emailed Connie a week ago and she does not have any fish in stock. I have emailed every trusted dealer. They are all gone. :\
  3. Now I can post links. My Tissot PRS200:
  4. I picked up a watch tool kit from Harbor Freight by my house for like $5 on sale. Came with a case back opener, screw drivers, magnifier, some kind of strap tool that can remove spring loaded pins and a pin pusher and some tweezers all in a cheap plastic carry case. works great! Maybe I can post links now? http://www.harborfreight.com/8-piece-watch-repair-kit-91622.html
  5. I think Tissot is one of the best bangs for the buck for a Gen. I would post a pic of my PRS200 but I'm a noob lurker and not allowed
  6. There are a bunch on youtube as well... I can't post links since I'm a noob around here.
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