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  1. I use lintless paper. It is very soft and will not leave any residue. I fold it to a point around the size of pencil end, spit on it and begin to clean the dial. I know it sounds crazy but it really does work. Ive tried everything I could think of and every thing leaves a residue. I even tried it with plain water just on the tip, would not clean it. I tried many different cloths, no luck. The spit on the end of the lintless paper cleaned a black dial perfectly, no marks, no lint, no residue Hope this helps
  2. I hate to admit that I did this, but here is what I did. I took the eta sweep second and put it on a junk movement and cut both ends off at the tub. Then I filed what was left just a little to smooth it out. Then I removed the post off the bottom of the sweep second on the gen, and then epoxyed it to the eta post. Let it harden and removed it from the old movement. Believe it or not it worked great, and from the top you could not tell. If you have a lathe you should be able to cut the hour and minute tower to fit. Good luck, and please don't tell anyone what I did. LOL
  3. Sorry for the abuse, however you made the rule of next day shipping. No matter what the problem with one purchaser( paying late) it shouldn't affect the transaction with the other. You should honor the shipping agreement with the person who has already paid, and let guy whos draging his feet, be the one that doesn't get it shipped right away.
  4. Pehaps I misunderstood. Are saying the dial opening is to large, and you have diffuculty centering the dial. If so, the only thing I have been able to do is to get an oversized movement support ring and cut it down, or with a little luck find exactly the right size. Sorry to be confused, at first I thought the dial was to big for the case.
  5. I attach 2 thin grinding disc to my dremel and enlarge the dial portion of the case ever so slightly. Needless to say you have to be very focused, and don't rush it. Hope this helps
  6. If the sa 3135 breaks, who will fix it? Certfied rolex repair shops won't touch it. Watch makers can not get parts. That said, it's still very cool movement, I think worth the risk at $400 plus.
  7. One problem I found using the gen calender disc, It will drag under the dial, because it is thicker than the aftermarket overlay. Hope this helps
  8. I agree, its fake. They are correct on the space between swiss made. There is a very small space between " swiss made" . Yours looks like swissmade.
  9. Very hard to find. You might try Dallas Gold & Silver. They have a large selection of gen parts. If you call, use the fairchilds selection on the prompt. Good luck
  10. Before you do anything, check to make sure the feet are far enough apart for your overlay to clear. Good luck
  11. I agree. The crystal and gasket should have some resitistance when you try to align the cyclops. Loose is not a correct fit. Good luck
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