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  1. I too have had this happened. I take my finger nail and put it on the mainspring tub gears and then rock the the tub back and forth. If the balance is in the pallet fork, it may start. Make sure the the balance hasn't popped out of the pallet fork. I"ve done that on a dozen eta's in the last year. Something binds up and I cannot figure out why. Try that first . Horologist is correct. Remove the pallet fork and make sure the drive train spin"s freely. Good luck
  2. Just a note on the crystals. If you ck your crystal that you use, make sure it's not loose on the rehaut. Also, when you press the retainer on, try to keep it as level as possible. If one side goes down before the other, it will usually crack the crystal. Good luck.
  3. They cannot. The only thing you can do is remove the marker, cut one foot off, and reinstall with glue. Very touchy process. Decide which foot to cut before you do it.
  4. Correct. The slot in the movement ring is for the stem. If you put it in the wrong way, the stem wont go in. The pics are correct.
  5. I agree with Nanug, the 2783 is a workhorse. I have one in stock and it seems very powerful. Just won't die. It's very old but has good readings on the machine . Not a bad choice for any build.
  6. It's hard to answer that question. The SA3135 will take a gen dial. Most of the A3135 that I have seen are a modified eta's. It's hard sometimes looking at the pictures of the movements to determine what the base is that they started with. There is no mistaking an SA or a yuki. They do dress some eta"s to look like a rolex. Feet position will tell you which movement you're working with.'Good luck
  7. From the center of the sweep second to the of the factory date wheel is 9.53mm. From the center of the sweep second to the center of the numbers with the overlay on, it's 8.55mm. Hope this helps
  8. From the center of the date wheel to the center of the sweep second is 9.53mm. With the overlay on, it's 8.55mm from the center of the sweep second to the center of the numbers.. Hope this helps
  9. I have a gen black dial if you ever want to change.
  10. Loved the song when I first heard it. I would sing along every single time I heard it.
  11. I use a paste I mix from liquid hand soap and baking soda to clean and shine gold plated reps. Use a soft tooth brush with warm water and clean the watch good top and bottom. I think you will be pleased with the results. Good luck.
  12. The area that leaks in most watches is the crown. The case tube o-rings, or the crown is not tight enough. I don't think you should take a gen into salt water, let alone a rep. But, that's just my opinion. You may want to have it looked at inside to make sure there is no damage. Good luck.
  13. good luck. Hopefully it will be a minor repair.
  14. I never recommend this, but have you tried rolling the time backwards. Sometimes it will reset. If everything is working on your watch, never roll time back more than a few minutes. Never at midnight
  15. I usually taper the hole for the case tube. Most of the cases don’t have a taper, they are just flat. That will keep your tube original.
  16. I want to order 2 subs, but I'm not sure I'm on their actual site. Any advice?
  17. I have a used one. complete movement, nearly
  18. One of my dealers sells the italian 18K bracelet. However, he only stocks the regular president bracelet. He is able to buy the oyster, but he special orders it because he hardly gets a request for one. The reg president is $3700. Add $100 to have a gold crown added. I have no idea what he charges for an oyster.
  19. Sold it about 10 years ago. It is actually what got me started in the business. I had it about a year and it just stopped. Rolex was in New York then, not Dallas where I am. I called them and they said a service starts at $300 and at least 90 days. WHAT!!! To shorten a long story, my jeweler friend told me where to buy a case back opener set. I did, and when I took the back off, I saw a screw had come out of the balance bridge and was laying loose. I owned a paint and body shop, and in keeping with the attitude of most body men, I felt I could fix anything LOL. Gently I put the screw in, and it started running again. I thought to myself, HELL YES, I CAN FIX ANYTHING!!!! LOL. It did peak my interest, and I was off and running to learn more about watches. I still use that same Bergeon case back opener today. I could also buy swiss 2834-2 and 2824-2 from a supply house in Dallas. If I bought at least 3 at a time, the price was $25.00 each. My how times have changed. Here is another interesting foot note. If I needed a crown, a date or day wheel, a stem or anything else, I could call New York, and they would send it to me. Quite a different story today.
  20. I can't post any pictures, but I think you will find this amusing. It's a true story. In 1985 my bookie ( yes I used to bet football every week) called me on a tuesday. He said he took a big hit the weekend before and needed $3500. He had his double quick day-date and could I buy it from him. I said yes and sent my sec to the bank to get the cash, and he sent his runner with the watch at the same time. The deal was made, and about 10 mins later my bookie called to say he found the money and didn't need to sell the watch. What would you do? I told him I was sorry, but the deal is done. I had to find another bookie. Needless to say I loved the watch.
  21. Trying to get in touch with stonep. Says he can't receive messages.
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