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  1. The answer to your question is very simple. Whatever number of watches you have is enough. However, if you see a watch you don't have, and you want it, then you don't have enough. You need one more!
  2. Spiedel, if I spelled it right, made the "twist o flex" bracelet a long time ago. They also made some of the early oyster bracelets for Rolex. Yes they did!!
  3. I love looking at this section. A lot of the same old, but also some watches I never knew existed.
  4. I agree. 3 months is to long. The buyer has to confirm that the watch is what was described in a reasonable amount of time. That would be in the first week. After three months, he owns it, regardless.
  5. One of the responsibilities of being a senior member, is to help the newbies. Sometimes it's hard to suggest to them to look it up in manner that sounds polite. We were all newbies at one time. But, there is no substitute for manners, be it a long time member, or a newbie. "can't we all, just get along?" lol Jack Nicholison in war of the worlds, I think.
  6. I was trying to renew my $10 a month membership, and thought 6 months was $55, turns out it was wanting to charge me $55 a month. Now it won't let me back that out. It shows a bill pending. Hope you can help me sort that out. Thanks, Matt
  7. The 2124 and 3135 have the same stem height. If your case is for a 2824, the 3135 stem height will be the same. I agree with tomhorn.
  8. I know tc uses a 2824 in his cases, at least in the ones I've seen. That is the same stem height as the 3135. However, he makes a movement ring to hold it and you can't use that on the 3135. I'm not sure if the 3135 will fit without a new ring being made. Just have to try it. If it has a 2824 in it, the stem height should be ok. By the way, the movement rings tc makes, are professionally made. Very nice
  9. Not rhodium. But i've seen one and it is pretty.
  10. The timegraph is primarily to adjust the operation of the balance assy. While a problem elsewhere, such as the drive train, can affect it, it's main job is to adjust the balance so it operates equally in both directions. The amplitude is the distance the balance wheel travels to the right and the left. For example if amplitude is 250 degrees, that will be 125 degrees to the right and 125 degrees to the left from center If the beat error is 0.0. The speed is obvious. If the hairspring is dirty, or has a micro piece of lint it will appear like in your picture. Also if the movement is not secure it will allow the machine to pick up the vibrations. Your pic shows the hairspring vibrating as it turns. It may be shuddering when it stops also. This is what I would do. Remove the balance assy. Make sure the hairspring is secure in the levers. Look for any lint or dirt. Dip the balance assy, blow it dry gently with your blue bulb. Reinstall the assy, be sure the screw in the bidge is tight and ck it again. Good luck
  11. While ssteel is one of the best, don't be surprised if something else goes wrong in the future. That movement is not known for it's longevity.
  12. Is the balance bridge tight? Is your hairspring clean? Is it mounted firmly in your machine. If you adjust your rate, it may lower your beat error. You should probably clean the hairspring and ck it again. Good luck
  13. I wouldn't think he needed to remove the movement. That screw was probably the one in the winding bridge. It will affect just about everything to do with the winding, including the self wind.
  14. ssteel is right, no screw on the rotor. Take the back off and have a look. You may see the problem. Good luck I assume you have fully wound it
  15. I've noticed on at least one, the gear that turns the date wheel, on the top, is to small and won't catch the teeth on the calendar wheel
  16. That looks good. Are you maybe being a little too picky? I like that dial. A lot of gens have that dial, don't worry about it. In the picture it looks aligned to me. Nice watch!
  17. I've used a lot of gen date wheels on a yuki under a gen dial. Never had any problems. Several gen parts will fit the yuki I don't recall the teeth being painted on the gen date wheel. Maybe some are. The dial is not gen for sure
  18. That's the way. Be sure it's pulled out all the way first. Be sure you're pushing the correct button.
  19. Make the tabs slightly longer. That will stop any movement
  20. Just buy the gen disc. I know it's a lot more money, but you'll be glad you did.
  21. Not good enough picture to say 100%, but I think gen
  22. It's a clone of either the 2836-2 or 2824-2 Good movements
  23. 2834 is much preferred The fact that the day wheel is over the date wheel allows more room than the 2836 for the dwo. The 2 movements are exactly the same but for a taller cannon pinion than the 2836. Better hand stack. I always use them when I can find them.
  24. automatico is correct. Not the one you have circled! Be sure the stem is pulled all the way out first.
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