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  1. Chris. Please contact me regarding the gen Omega Speedmaster I bought from you on RG two months ago, but still have not received..

  2. i dont undertand why 5513 mattes are so high, for 1k more, you can get a 1680 matte white!
  3. I had a whole shopping list saved on my eBay watch list to do a 1016. I decided to just wait out one to go on sale. If anyone has a jmb 1016 to sell, pm me.
  4. How to indentify GEN fat font? Also, is there a deviation among gens on the BLUE/RED Line? notice one has more blue on the 6 side vs the other, and same on the 18 side.
  5. Consider the vintage sd as a quality rep out of the box too
  6. anyone know who has a great rep endlink and bracelet for it?
  7. Awesome! Gen Tudor sub vintages are hot right now and have appreciated
  8. +1 My JLC has been sidelined after giving my 1.5yr old a scratch while carrying her. +1 My JLC has been sidelined after giving my 1.5yr old a scratch while carrying her.
  9. For a regular pam Noob 111n or 390 For a rad, 288 or 380 For a Sub, 243 Or any combo of these 5
  10. Thanks to this thread: The camo strap looks best I think on it:
  11. Its almost there! jus need to fix that date wheel @Sneed I definitely want an open 6/9 Silver datewheel. So this datewheel sits on top of the current datewheel and will be left justified?
  12. Awesome! Where can I get the DWO?
  13. The yuki dial fails me on the DW, the mag is 1.5 and it helps "mask" the misaligned DW. Plus the service crystal is epoxied on! I wanted to keep as many things as is Sony can turn the mod around easily if I wanted to.
  14. When I read that the 1680 and Tudor Subs shared the case, it gave me the idea for a franken: Use a yuki dial on a Gen tudor. Lucked out and found a local seller of a 76100 and sent it to my smith with a yuki Dial. The gen Tudor came with mercedes hands so I left those in. I was going to replace the crystal and install a 127, since it had what looked like a service crystal. Compared to my Snowflake the tophat was noticeably lower, PLUS the magnification was less on the cyclops. But eventually I left it alone because unfortunately, the DW window did not align. The 1680 red dials window was bigger and right justified as opposed to the Gen Tudor which was left justified. Since it is for my own fun, and the dial mod is reversible I decided to go for it anyways. Here is what I got:
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