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  1. Try Micheal aka: Sandra Straps aka: Straps68 He's a member over at HF and he's based out of Poland. Excellent guy, excellent straps, and most recently, impressive looking pre-v buckles. Pm me if you need his email or contact. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  2. My Helson ploppy. I sure plopped a good chuck of change for this bad boy :/. I love it though!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. thanks for the comparison, but despite my persistent search i have yet to come across access to the ID and OD sizes of clark's crystals. i've asked gary and he tells me he has no reference. i found measurements for startime, but none of the other crystals have dimensions. http://store.startimesupply.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=1&Category_Code=1D_Rolex_Crystal anyone have a reference for sizes?
  4. Can you take a closer pic of the blue and champagne with romans? Also, how much do they cost? Thanks!
  5. No problem. I'm still interested. Lmk
  6. Looking for this or similar dial. White or champagne roman numerals are ok...no diamonds. Only needs to have gold markers and crown. Tried contacting mymanmatt, but haven't heard back. Where are you, my man!?!? Anyone? http://universalwatch.com/shop/images/di13.jpg
  7. hello, your guy never emailed me back. [email protected] do you have his ebay username or link to one of his auctions? thanks!
  8. wrapped? i'm not sure what that means. also, do the bracelets have the rep logos, etc? thanks for the informaiton! i'll contact him.
  9. this is great! does this document have datejust codes? this one is for GMT master. are they the same for dj? thanks for the other reply as well!
  10. hello, i pickup up a generous donation from a fellow member but it needs a bracelet. it's a rolex datejust case 36mm 16233. i'm searching for a bracelet (would love to nab a tt jubilee) but i don't know if the varoious bracelet endlinks will match the case. are there differences in endlinks for rolex bracelets? are the endlinks readily available from dealers? there are many oyster and jubilee bracelets for sale with 20mm widths at the lugs, but are the cases for rollies(subs, dj, etc) the same shape? i tried to study the pinned thread here: i cannot find any information on datejust endlinks (did i miss it?).
  11. Maybe i missed it, where is the datejust endlink reference? Is it the same as the sub?
  12. i posted this on rwi, but wanted to see what ya'll thought. maybe chieftang can chime in The date Cyclops on the sandwich crystal for my pam186 “oiled” up on me. Not one full day of wearing the watch mostly indoors, plus one car drive to work and back for a total of 45 minutes or so and BAM, I notice the defect. I’m still not sure how it happened, but nonetheless it’s there and it’s unacceptable for me especially on a brand new watch. The glue seems to have melted, perhaps. A good thread on a similar issue: http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/showthread.php/changeable-cyclopsi-72488.html?t=72488&highlight=chieftang%27s+cyclop there were many more i stumbled on here at rwg too... I wanted to weigh my options on fixing this issue. #1: I spend ~$40 (with tracking) to have it sent back to the td I bought it from and wait for it to get fixed then sent back #2: I buy an upgraded sapphire from dsn for ~$80 to my door including all fees #3: I spend ~$18 and buy an Esslinger watch crystal and glue a Cyclops to it using the old crystal to help align everything. They only have 6.5mm and not a 7mm for an exact replacement. I’m going to uv glue it to the underside of a one piece crystal. http://www.esslinger.com/2-50-mm-thick-round-magnifier-mineral-glass-watch-crystal.aspx?variation=46116 http://www.esslinger.com/watchcrystalglassrounddatemagnifiers.aspx?variation=50596 #4: I try and separate the sandwich crystal (I’ve already tried everything possible in my capacity) by using very harsh solvents and a sonicating bath then glue it back together with uv glue. I think I’m leaning towards option #3 but I’m not sure how the magnification will look since the Cyclops will not be recessed in the crystal. the cyclops is 1mm thick, so i'm hoping it will also clear the hands. i'll still use the i gasket to press the crystal in. it's not damaged. Now, the bezel gasket, on the other hand...that is FUBR'ed and spins freely. Anyone have any experience with this or opinions?
  13. any dnb heads in the house? dj marky, ltj bukem, london elektricity, makoto, high contrast
  14. i was able to snap the ring back on, but the gasket is broken and the ring spins freely.
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