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  1. Correct. This is a super rep. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  2. No, I have an actual BP rep clasp on my 5009-08 and it has smooth edges. The IWC engraving is perfect. I have a couple of rep BP clasps, but this one is georgeous. So nowadays I would only buy a gen clasp from AD, I think no chance to spot a rep.
  3. Actual rep clasps don't have sharp edges anymore. I would say it is nearly impossible to spot an actual rep clasp. So the only way to be sure is to buy from AD.
  4. Wow! Is this gen? Because the hands are perfect. This is such a superb watch and the sec@6 problem is a pitty...
  5. All TDs have the same 3717-02. Hopefully they have the 3717-02 still in stock or can get this version.
  6. No, no modification is needed to fit in an ETA 7750 or IWC 79320. Only the hands (the holes in the hands) differ: Genuine ETA 7750 all variants (all) Hour 2.00mm Minute 1.20mm Center Seconds 0.25mm Subdials 0.17mm Old Asian 7750 version all variants(21,600 BPH) Hour 2.00mm Minute 1.20mm Center Seconds 0.25mm Subdials 0.17mm New Asian 7750 (28,800 BPH) Normal ones Hour 2.00mm Minute 1.20mm Center Seconds 0.20mm Subdial 0.20mm
  7. No the sec@6 problem still exists. Some users owning exactly this watch already reported it stopped. Not only the date wheel is sunken, also the date window has the wrong position too close to the mid. Wait some weeks, there is a new version in the queue. Look here and here. Or take this one, it is a rep of the IWC owners forum watch. A real pilot!
  8. You are showing the movement of the gen 5007. The gen 5001 really has this piece of metal in the center of the rotor: http://www.uhren-miquel.de/popup_img.php?lang=1&AE_imgSRC=pic-art/IWC-Portugieser-Ref-5001-aus-Edelstahl_IW500107_art_1299_bild1_1368690991.jpg&AE_imgName=IWC+Portugieser+Ref.+5001+aus+Edelstahl+-+Detailbild+Nr.+1;+Klicken+auf+Bild+schliesst+Fenster. IWC5001b.jpg As I said above this is a rep of the 5001 NOT of the 5007! There are some slight differences between this two versions.
  9. BTW: it is in fact a 5001 rep and not a 5007 rep.
  10. That is the YL version which is told to be not the best version. But Ryan/Intime has the better ZF version now in preorder (YES! I'm in!): Portuguese 5007
  11. Cant see the problem exactly: dial too big or too small?
  12. Oh. Someone has to disassemble his watch... I'm not sure you find someone without being lucky. Question: what's your plan? Why do you need this measurements?
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