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  1. The attachments in the quoted post are only the pictures from the original post above and there they work...
  2. Got a link for me? I could not find it on www.target.com.
  3. I'll see if it works in Clubs... I will be in Cocoon Club Frankfurt in 3 weeks and if it arrives till then, well, we'll see!
  4. OK, I got one of the blinking ones... But I am still searching for a REPLICA SUBMARINER with a harlequin hat ... and Google is useless in this case. Any help????
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, but I need that REPLICA print with the harlequin hat instead of a crown on the dial!!!! It just never fails to impress!
  6. Thanks, that is the one... and it seems quite popular in Italy! But unfortunately they all have stupid "brand" names like BRAVO or GENEVA... not a distinguished brand like REPLICA!
  7. A friend of mine brought a translucent Submariner with REPLICA instead of ROLEX on the dial from one of his journeys... Anyone knows where I can get one??? Just to complete the collection ;-) Thanks in advance!
  8. For me it all started when I got a genuine Tudor Sub from my father for my 18th birthday (which seems ages ago now, damn how time passes by). I loved that watch, but since I wore it on a daily basis, it got scratched and beaten up after some years. I wore it during my military time, while diving even when I was asleep. After 6 or 7 years I wanted it serviced and polished and nearly freaked out, when I saw the bill from the authorized Rolex dealer. That was the point when I started to look for a similar replacement for daily use... Since I only found some really bad brass Rolexes, that I bought
  9. Just wanted to keep you posted. I ordered and received a very nice LV Wallet and Keyholder fro replicasi. Both are very accurate, good markings and excellent material. Shipping took around two weeks to Germany. Thanks again for the hint,fitmic!
  10. @By-Tor: I feel your pain! As soon as I posted the All Sub thread (the one in my signature) I got several "Who has the best sub" PMs and it really sucks that people can't do their homework. When I came to this board I took a lot of time to study the Do's and Don'ts of the board and I think it is just a question of good manners to do that like with every place else in the real world where you enter as a newbie as well. I read a lot, learned a lot about reps of the different brands and finally decided to give silix a chance (with a LV sub actually). I was not disappointed, but also not too ov
  11. Guess you are right... You could have a Panerai barbecue and a wall clock buying this.
  12. Since price will probably climb to an unacceptable amount for me (I am not yet this Panerai crazy), I thought I want to share this very special Panerai item I found on german ebay. Looks very nice and is a perfect very rare deco object. Click here for Ebay Auction It has a working Quartz movement is made out of brushed stainless steel and properly lumed (see pics in the auction). And no, I am not the seller, nor affiliated with him. If someone of you guys gets the highest bid, it would be nice to hear from him... Happy bidding!
  13. THat is usually the case... and it makes me suspicious that the guy crossed out the serial number, since alle the Duponts I saw so far with our dealers had the same serial No. I could confirm it if I had his serial number.
  14. I second that. I own a few of Silix Duponts and they are just amazing. Very heavy, certainly with a nice loud ping sound and they are refillable with original Dupont gas or cheap refills. You can use the cheap Zippo flintstones as well. Excellent product with an unbeatable price!!
  15. I have posted my order there... Will keep you posted on the outcome. Thanks again for the infos.
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