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  1. The script is maroon I've owned every color of the new ones Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Any chance the tachymeters r the same size? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I think op was just asking which factories Exp is better. There are tDs and Ntds that carry both Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hey op The b4b 6.75 is one of my ally time favorite watches still own gen one rep and one rep project, but for many reason the reps aren't great.. Ill try to explain quixk but basically they are the ford Broncos of the suv world. They are still nice and very cool but not anywhere on the Same level as a say a brand new explorer is or a ford edge crossover. Still nice but for our SUV dollars we are better off getting a newer platform SUV ie explorer or a more efficient car based platformed edge. So if u absolutely love and must have a bronco go for it and that's same advice I say for b4b6.75 They are an old rep and originals factory stopped making them years ago (reps of These started around 07,08ish) But since the casing and rep blueprints have been sold And are back in production by a different factory. Basically another factory repped the original rep. But the first version was the best and only one with correct caseback The 6.75 is still sadly however the best of the bentley full size reps which is now almost a vintage model. but that's like saying they r the hottest fat chicks and they happen to still be one of the most expensive rep lines at 400 bux for a low quality primitive running automatic asian chrono o. Originally uses an eta2892 based chrono which is a more expensive and complicated elaborate gl chrono movement using an i house propriety org module not necessarily better than 7750 chronos but in the rep world not great because china usually doesn't copy a movement made exclusively for a few models unless it's like a rolex but not even as the cost of creating the movement is crazy high and not worth it. For some reasons I have notiixed this and it is not a stated fact but one that happens to be true IMO is that if fthe rep being made doesn't have a movement the the factories already have or can copy easily the factories give up trying to even make a so called 1:1 rep as they know that if the movement won't be 1:1 and is always gonna be a huge flaw that other flaws by default won't be worth it in terms if cost in fixing it. Also the Chinese like to and seem to insist on correct functionality ie if a chrono timer is 60 second that's what rep will say even though gen will say something else they'd rather The watch be labeled correctly as per to the specific until rather than to original this also applied to quartz chronograph dial labeling for example most gens are going to use auto chronos and they r going to function. Differently in their quartz replicas but the dial texts I'll be labeled correctly for the user if the watch regardless if why the gen dial says or how it's supposed to function in the dial is going to be different than an automatic chrono watch functions that suto watches to function SORRY IF TEXT IS ILLEGIBLE IM TIRED SND CANT PROOFREAD So since a 6.75 has chronos that function like gen and are labeled like gen. Their is noprinlems their but the movement is different so that caused the main flaws I am sure u saw lThe cost of ownership is even higher than the 400 price tag as the movement is 50 percent likely (my guess)! to require a service to keep it going and most watxh smiths have never even encountered the rare shanghai built movement (and 50% if the time will break it anyway) and it is absolutely impossible to source. So your question as far as Modding it is very difficult as well and no one has advertised even trying. An that is probably because the major flaws will mostly remain just as big of flaws and with a cost of 1k on average for a gen sp eed bracelet alone and say 3k to buy a gen dial crystal tachymeter n bezel K1 tells generally just as bit if tells ( I actually did it n won't finish) abut to fix major tells u need a gen tachymeter, and bezel for the Slide rule which is nearly impossibly to mount it. For 4k u can buy a used gen so not even close to being worth it SAYINF ALL THAT 99 percent of people WILL NOT KNOW ITS A REP RIGHT IUT IF THE BIX EVEN GEN OWNERS UNLESS MAY LBE SIDE BY SIDE BUYY THE BENTLEY GT IF YOU CAN AS CHEAPER AND IMO VETTER REP silix has it and kuvarsit can get it
  5. Can we rep this or dial impossible parts r almost all made If The dials for sale won't be crazy expensive to get the original rent deal seedhead Get original dlcd or pvd to save money
  6. Don't Pam's have thri own rubber thought whole point of rubber b was rolex on rubber can't be had and doesn't exist OEM
  7. Yeh a couple tells for new models they don't have , everything expect dial is same as was on ss v 3 except dial font and colors
  8. 2013 has square indices and a couple if other changes . black dial only has red automatic font on ii, but everything else is same on that rep
  9. Thane hands are like gmt hands Avenger. Ii Ss
  10. Notice the arabic dial version Red font like new seawolf V2 rep of ss
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