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  1. Sharing the joy of another completed build: eBay case NYwatch bezel Enicar v72 serviced Athaya crown & tube Phong dial and hands Otto Frei pushers Gen 7205 rivet bracelet Holds up pretty well next to my gen 6263, don't you think?
  2. Of course. Here's a thread about the pusher issue: https://rwg.cc/topic/81687-aftermarket-daytona-screw-down-pusher/
  3. I have. Speaking as someone who has a gen, they aren't too bad, but the other parts are not great. These are the same as the old DW cases, so the chrono pushers are junk and the wrong thread pitch. They should be replaced with ofrei or similar. They had a pretty good 6263 bezel before, but the current 6265 features laser etching instead of engraving and is terrible. Probably replace with a 6263 bezel from NYwatch. Dome crystal isn't great, would go with Clark or Sternkreuz. Crown is signed with coronet and triplock dots, but the tube is a double seal. Could pass for gen when screwed down. The back is slightly too thick, but not terrible, and lug holes are too close to the end of the lugs but it does come with some nice thick oe-type springbars and fits gen bracelets and ends. I offered $150 and accepted their counter of $200. Hope this helps.
  4. I have several projects in various states of completion or need of repair, and my previous watchmaker has disappeared (after sending my parts back, thankfully.) Parts are mostly DW cases, some Phong dials/hands, etc. V72 movements in need of service. Also a few Valjoux powered Tudors: big block 79160, 7032, etc. If anyone has firsthand experience with someone working on V72 reps, post up or DM. Thanks!
  5. I have one of the ebay Tudor 94200 cases from the same seller. It appears to be the same quality as my DW pieces, and shipping and communication were similar. It's probs DW or one of his relatives. The CG profiles need a little work, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy one of their 6263 cases if you want one. Seems like a much easier path than modding a 6239 case. Plus, then you'll have the beginnings of a 6239!
  6. Since DW A7750's went for $350ish before he disappeared, I'd say one that's been gone through by a watchmaker with some nice mods is worth at least that, and maybe $500 to the right buyer? But...it really comes down to what the market wants to pay.
  7. There's no magic, unfortunately. Keep searching the 'bay for any of the appropriate ones: 7205 (rivet), 7835 (folded), or 78350 (solid). Get a sniping service to hide your interest. There are a few sellers in Singapore and the UK whom I've had good luck with. I've won nice examples of each for $275-350. Anything under $400 is a solid deal. End links are a tough subject, even on gen watches (generally don't fit well from the factory) so I don't get too hung up on those. In fact, I buy gen ones for a deal when I find them, but also buy aftermarket ones and mangle them to suit my purposes as necessary. On this 7205, the 57 ends have the perfect "funky fit" for the era. One other area where I've done well on my 20mm bracelets is buying pieces and assembling them. I have a few clasps, and have bought links separately. Like the end links, a worn gen bracelet gives the right patina and glow to a rep that might otherwise look too sharp and shiny. Plus, as a guy who wears gen a fair amount of the time, the aftermarket just can't replicate crowns, coronets, or bracelets that well.
  8. Mockup/test fitting V23 in DW 6239 case, as well as gen bracelet. Crown has been replaced by gen.
  9. Here's my gen 6263 with my DW 6263: Spinmaster 6239 with V23: It lives on a gen 7205 bracelet: Spinmaster 7032/0 with 7734, which normally resides on a gen 7836 bracelet: Both my spin watches have problems with the chrono functions, and I'm currently working with Jensen to sort them out. I've got the bits to build a DW/V23 6263 RCO, and a Tudor V7750 9420 in the works. The DW 6263 w/A7750 could be for sale, but needs to be gone through by a watchmaker.
  10. I also have this coming (fingers crossed) from DW soon. So, this is a MK1 or 2 style?
  11. Very helpful indeed. I'm learning new things all the time here...like the need for a light box and photography lessons;) Re: DW, I had horrible response in the past, but ordering stuff they post on ebay has been rock-solid reliable. I recently picked up a Tudor 7032 case which came with a signed caseback and crown. Stunning quality for ~$100. It also came with a nice bonus- a dial that wasn't listed in the auction. Bringing this back to the topic at hand, they are listing 6239(41?) cases for 7750 with crown, pump style pushers, steel AND acrylic bezels for $62. It would be worth it just for the bezels, which I'm learning are consumables on these watches. Also, my DW (purchased a few years ago) works fine with a gen crystal.
  12. Note the watchNY bezel printing is thicker and silver in color, while gen is white. It appears brighter in person, just like the photos. For my money, the DW is pretty good. Also note the "2" on my bezels are the same as each other, but do not match the photos previously posted...
  13. For reference- sorry for the poor quality images. Genuine, watchNY (on an A7750 powered rep I bought from Josh a few years ago), DW, and the bezel that came off of the A7750 powered rep.
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